I bought the Canopus ADVC and want to convert some old VHS Or also check the ASDVC manual in order to switch off Macrovision. Canopus advc media converter user manual. PDF If you pre-order for it, you would be contacted to set up an appointment with store and get the phone. Browse Canopus ADVC () Video Capture owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more.

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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I’m off from work for a few weeks. I’ve been wanting to transfer old vhs tapes to DVD for a long time. Worked like a charm. Xdvc-100 passes and I’ve since upgrded to a the latest macbook pro. I decided to use it with FCE and do the good dead. Major not happy, hardly used it and it just isn’t doing anything. I verified under system stuff that the firewire is seeing the FW connection, which it is.

So that takes some aevc-100 away since we can at least watch them. But I would like to start a long process of digitizing them, clipping together themes, cute moments, all that stuff. Can’t get them to play in anyway through either computer, but they are registered at the input.

Sound works great on a TV. Some will actually show the buttons ont he capture screen but there are nothing but colored lines stationary When the buttons appear, a message appears below them that says “VTR OK”.

I’ve tried to capture clips anyway, but nothing occurs. Afvc-100 recall having some of these problems in the past. I kept trying and trying and somehwre it would just magically work. No such luck anymore. My switch settings on the ADVC are all set to off position. I have tried various different switch positions as I read many different articles all over the internet.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? For whatever reason, both the new and old mac can detect it is there, can show the internal “in” sound sdvc-100 registring the sound, but can’t play the sound and I cannot get video to show in any configuration.

Mnaual on Dec 21, 3: Dec 21, 3: I can see that the input on the sound to the G5 and macbook pro are both registering the sound portion of the video. Ironically, i can’t seem to make the sound actually then play through the computer.

It comes into the computer, but I can’t get it out of the computer. I just got off the phone with a rep from grass valley, he said there isn’t much help available since it is a DC’d product. I’d suggest you trash the FCE Preferences before proceeding as all the switching things around can cause another set of dramas.


Dec 21, 5: I’ve tried using quicktime to import the video. It recognizes the ADVC and seems to know it is there. Yet when I go to record, there is no video coming through.

Dec 21, 7: You will have to start the VHS player manually with it’s play button and use the Escape key on the computer keyboard to stop.

Dec 22, 5: I changed VCR’s just to make sure that wasn’t a factor as the original one was acting a bit strange. Tape in, verify it is running on the TV fine.

Then move it over to the computer area. Only contains out, no input on the VCR. The back panel has the outputs. I have carefully turned off the ADVC and tried every possible combination of switch settings. I followed the instructions initially, which are quite simple, but when that didn’t work, I decided “what the heck, try ’em all,” so I did.

Screen remains blue despite what I do.

Canopus ADVC 100 – video input adapter – FireWire Series

Under capture, screen pops up as usual. Decided on occasions to go ahead and put “now” and it indicates “waiting for timecode. Quicktime pops open a window that remains blue and indicates it is ready to record. I don’t recall it being such a pain. This is the same computer, same ADVC and so forth. Dec 22, 7: I found my old Hi-8 mm video recorder. Tried connecting it to the computer through the ADVC also. Computer will recognize the ADVC is there, but nothing appears.

Dec 22, 9: So I started hooking up the sound input to the camera through a variety of devices, didn’t seem to have any luck with teh preference audio section registering input level for line it. I then hooked up my iPone directs to the sound in and that was a match. Odd thing is, still no sound coming out from the mac built in speakers.

I’ve confirmed there are no other sound outputs with a jack inserted. I have about troubleshooted myself to death on this topic. Need some smart brainy types which is all of you! I’m getting thoroughly stumped as to why sound is not being played output at all, and why I cannot seem to see the video from the ADVC converter despite trying basically every configuration there is.

Dec 22, 3: The later must have timecode whereas the converter option does not. Your current connection setup is conflicting.

Canopus ADVC () Video Capture User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Dec 28, 1: I found the option you spoke of and ensured it is set on the converter option. I studied the dialogue box and noticed it does say that the control is manual, meaning not through FW from computer to device or vice versa.


It is 48 kHz, verified that my canopus settings match. I’ve tried two different VCR’s and the Hi-8 mm camcorder. I’ve made sure to not connect more than one option at a time so as to not create conflict.

mxnual So I would try just the s-video to the canopus, then the FW cable to the computer. That doesn’t work, so I tried the S-video out from all 3 devices.

ADVC problems – Apple Community

I ensured there was only one input connected to the input of the canopus and just the FW going to the computer. I went to system preferences and there is no detection of FW shown at the port. Not sure why it would show up under the profiler but not the system network preferences.

I’ve tried two different FW cables not at the same time to two different FW inputs. I’ve tried different RCA advc-1000 to rule out one of them could be the problem. Oddest thing, avdc-100 of this worked 2 years ago when I did an video of my cancer ordeal.

I had some footage of my parents from the ‘s, a 3 minute reel of video. Got it transferred to VHS. Then took the VHS and imported it into my computer with this current setup. Dec 28, 2: I also tried the above basic approach in iMovie.

The screen remains blue and despite which set of options I use two different VCR’s or the Hi-8, trying different cables and such one at a time. Dec 28, 3: Dec 28, 6: Then create a new sequence. Then use Capture Now. Dec 30, 8: Thank you all for your input.

I have tried everything suggested. Reread the downloaded manual. I had a moment of brilliance read: No matter what I do, the results are exactly the same on both computers, despite varying cables, devices, tapes, switches, etc. Both computers mmanual the advc, but all I can get on imovie or FCE is a blue screen. My conclusion at this point is that there is simply something wrong with the advc. I must have plugged in FW at some point and fried it where a signal doesn’t go through but it advvc-100 still recognized, or something odd like that.

It has been two years since I last used it, so who knows what has transpired. Unless someone can suggest something different, I’ll consider this an effort that was fully explored and the only conclusion I can draw is the converter has some problem. Dec 30, 2: