mjk: one thing always goes wrong with me in the aimcat cat i m able to solve . -missed it AIMCAT Total Students S1-Cutoff S2-Cutoff 1IIM-Cutoff IIM-Cutoff S1-Score 1 78 32 13 76 49 are the Waitlisted candidates for admission to PGPM/PGP-IM/PGP-HR ( 13) p First Waitlist AIMCAT Questions and Solutions.

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Focus on other areas and not on vocabulary. My problem seems to be with the speed because, when I try solving the problems during the review, I observe that I get questions wrong due to silly mistakes and I am able to solve all the questions except at leisure i. All the IIMs have not revealed the criteria, keep checking http: Sir, what should I do on a daily basis in english??.

Reading sources for practice have been given in various points of the chat. Also,day-by-day my RC scores are improving. The actual key and original solution considered for evaluation of results were both correct and had no issues whatsoever.

Make sure you thoroughly understand the concept behind a question before you move on to the next. Why is it either-or? How should one do time distribution? He can also take MAT.


The key to overcoming your problem lies in working with online sectional tests,mock cats and the CRTs. Isn’t an advantage for him. You need to improve on your accuracy levels. Mention your academic and work profile plz. Sorry for the wrong question but I need your genuine advice.

Happy test taking practice and all the best. Work with bsm book, if needed discuss your doubts with a faculty member. Sir,there is a variety of question in VA i. PBTs are for practice but they should help you do well on the online version.

You should always be prepared for the unplanned. Yes Numbers is an important topic. In grammar, you just need to sense which part of the sentence has an error. Where we can get lot of practice of such question?

AIMCAT 1313 – Information, Scores, Discussions

What to do to increase speed? I tried hard everytime but at the end i am forced to skip DI thomas: For LR you need to practise exercises from the book as well as the class handouts.


Sir for di how should be start the preparation?

If it is a huge variation like this, fromthe issue could be of accuracy. Can the question paper be uploaded?

Chat Transcript

Where can I get this paper? We have selections from all the slots and all of them expressed similar concerns last year. Result is still not updated. IIM I-Dubai course is doing pretty aimct though. Anlayse the mocks well.

Overall a bit easier. The idea of paragraph formation is important – Look at the key words. Where to practice these types? I understand the context of the passage,I understand what the writer is trying to tell. It will not be a deterring factor at all.

Have that as the only goal and then hope for the best. Should i refer to some other books or shall i repeat the book once more? See if you have been getting stuck in Qs for long time.