Om Sri Ganeshaya Namaha Dear Ganapathiji, Could you please tell us more about the Amnaya Stotram and Tripura Sundari sthawarajam. One of the frequently asked questions is – which among the several AmnAya mantras does a shrIvidyopAsaka recite every day? AmnAya. I will post the summary, as I did for the dvAraka maTha, for the other three AmnAya maTha-s. May be scholars like shrI Charles Wikner*, can.

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The Parayana of TripuraSundari sthawarajam. The pithasakti of the institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra in Saradawhereas the sakti of the institution at Kanchi is Kamakshi or Wtotram. But the present popular Sringeri also bearing the same epithet is not on the banks of the Tungabhadra but is on the banks of the Tunga.

In the Varadarajasvami temple itself there is another sculpture on a pillar in the mandapa to the north of the Tayar Sannidhishowing an aged rishi with jatarudraksha amnzya yajnopavita in the sitting posture, showing one finger and an ekadanda sannyasi in the posture stotrqm performing dandavandanam. Sri Sarada then reminded him of his promise not to look back and said that she would not proceed any further and would stay at that place itself.

Sri SankaracharyaSri Prithvidharacharya and Sri Vidyaranyaall these immortal sages have chosen Kanchithe Southern-most mokshapuri as their last resort. In the same way, the kshetraRamesvaram one of the chardhams and the devi sttoram, Kamakshi at Kanchithe mokshapuri make one Amnaya institution.

Sri Devi Khadgamala Stotram | RadioWeb Bhakti

This seems to be the reason for the difference in the names of the sakti and the acharya in the Southern region. There is at present a figure of Vishnu hiding himself in a niche of Sri Kamakshi temple outside the southern wall of the sanctum sanctorum. Kanchi is one of the seven mokshapuris.

Post on Dec 42 views. I am fortunate in belonging to the parampara of Upanishad Brahmacommentator of the Hundred and eight Upanishads published in seven volumes by the Adyar Library, Madras.

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The institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra established for the worship of Sarada should also be considered as a seat of Bhagavatpada. The devata of the Southern region, according to the Mathamnayas mentioned above, is Adivaraha. But there are no hair sprouts on the chin. Enquiries made from the people of Mysore revealed the existence amhaya a tradition that Sri Sarada Sarasavani after the defeat of Mandanamisra decided to ascend to Brahmaloka when Sri Sankara bound her by Vanadurga – mantra and beseeched her to follow him till he installed her sakti in this loka itself for stotrak her grace on aspirants for knowledge.


Both are in ” Rudra Yamala Tantra “. The devotees assemble for puja of Stottam and Dattatreya on Margasirsha – suddha – paurnami and also for puja of Jagadamba on Chaitra – suddha – paurnami.

It then occurred to me that Sri Bhagavatpada might have originally intended to establish the Amnaya institutions in the four directions in the four places generally known as chardhamsi. The fourth represents the state of turIya and it is imagined as existing in the state of absolute silence that exists between each of these pIThas, which are actually states of citta.

The weight of probability belongs to the first view.

Amnaya Stotram | Sangeetha Music

Tirthankathe Annual number of Kalyan of Gorakhpur, at page 53 gives the information that the hill Purnagiri is revered as the devi in her splendor and is situated on the banks of the river Sarada near the borders of Nepal. Besides the variations as regards the kshetra and sakti of the Southern region, there are also some other variations between the Vani Vilas edition of the Mathamnaya and the other Mathamnayas mentioned already.

They are in the centre of the country. Sri Suresvara Mandanamisra being the husband of Sarada Sarasavani in his purvasramait would stitram have been proper to appoint Suresvara in that institution for the worship of Sarada Sarasavanihis wife in his purvasrama.

AmnAya stotram.h – dvAraka maTha

Here the reference is to the konahs angles of Sri Chakra which is said to be the seat of Para anaya vidya. Sri Acharyatherefore, adopted the Kamakoti – pitha at Kanchi as his pitha and asked Suresvara to occupy the pitha after him. Each of these again have divyaugha, siddhaugha and mAnavaugha gurus in them. There is a Siva temple in Kanchi called Vyasa Srantasraya.

That is why people pay homage to both these institutions, and would, by the grace of the all-pervading Mother, continue to do so. The Guruparampara of the bharatiya – sampradaya of the institution on the stohram of the Tungabhadra included as No. I then came across a small booklet Yati – sandhya in Devanagari script published by the Dvaraka – pitha in the year Vikrama Saka As you are aware that every Devi Upasaka’s minimum spiritual routine consists of apart from his nithya karmas and manthra japa — Chanting of ajnaya following everyday 1.

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Besides the saktithe kshetraand the acharyaeach region has its own stotra. How to account for this discrepancy? In the colophon to each chapter of the work it is stated that it has been written at the direction nirmapita of Anaya Sachchidananda Bharatithe head of that matha Mishra at the Balabhadra Press, Puri, in2 Un – published Upanishadsprinted and published by the Adyar Library stotrwm the year and 3 Sankara – granthavali in Bengali script published by Rajendranath Ghosh.

In the Vani Vilas edition the name of the acharya is given as Suresvara ; but in the DvarakaAmnya and other MathamnayasPrithvidhara is mentioned as the acharya of the institution on the banks of the Tungabhadra.

How did it come into existence? The eligibility for the higher two Amnayas i. The same verse appears in the copy of Sivarahasya obtained from some other libraries as well as in the commentary to verse of the last Chapter of Madhaviya – Sankaravijaya.

A study of the Amnayas contained in the works mentioned above as well as those found in other libraries reveals certain features which arrest attention. The author in the beginning of the work refers to Kamakshi as having blessed his Parameshthiguru with prasada in which milk and ghee were found in abundance and which was cherished by the celestials.

I have put in some of the thoughts that occurred to me on the perusal of the various works read by me.

Although the head of the sannyasi – murti is shaven, the sprouts of hair as seen in this sculpture depict the stage of an elapse of about a month after the actual shaving.