Anatole Broyard, long-time book critic, book review editor, and essayist for the New York Times, wants to be remembered. He will be, with this collection of. 25 years after Intoxicated by My Illness: challenges for medical 25 years since the publication of Intoxicated by My Illness by Anatole Broyard. Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death. Anatole Broyard, Author, Oliver W. Sacks, Foreword by Clarkson N Potter Publishers $18 (0p).

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Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death

De una clarividencia arrolladora. He lives as a writer and we are the wealthier for it. He was also the Montaigne of lay medical writers. Many other people have chronicled their last months.

The end is a painful read so if you are not prepared to grapple with life and death issues, save illnesw for another day. Anatole’s long love affair with books and writing had served him well. He was criticized for failing to acknowledge his black ancestry.

Intoxicated by My Illness: And Other Writings on Life and Death | JAMA | JAMA Network

A beautiful sad memoir from the pen of a perfect writer. While I was recovering I searched high and low for a literature of dying, to find solace, to find reflections illndss my own experiences. He writes a lot about the style of one’s death. Get to Know Us.


Because if it, that seems a violation. Anatole died doing what he did best, commenting on life and his surroundings.

It is one of my all-time favorites. Enabled Average Customer Review: This writing with such remarkable clarity and directness about the pain and suffering experienced by his father and which he feared he would experience turns out to be a gift to future generations honoring his father’s memory and his own.

He writes with clear eyed illnrss about medicine and the human condition, but he is not harsh in his judgment, just honest. Choose from over top-rated Self-Help, Fitness and Health books on sale to kick start your new year. Broyard writes about the medical experience in a unique and almost exuberant way. They are held illnesss a gracious setting jllness his previous writings on death in life and literature, including a fictionalized account of his own father’s dying of cancer.

A must read for clinicians.

Intoxicated by My Illness by Anatole Broyard

When he lost the ability to speak, his smile was still radiant. Broyard reflects on his own diagnosis of prostate cancer but also tells the story of his father’s own death. However, this changed in one of the longer essays in the The first half of this book left me bemused. Excuse the short review, but am still in awe of this book!


Intoxicated by My Illness

jy Be the first to ask a question about Intoxicated by My Illness. Hates girls and probably poors. In Broyard’s initially disconnected ramblings he openly rejected sentimentalism as irrelevant to the story of his disease. His literary sensibility was ignited, his mind flooded with image and metaphor, and he decided to employ these intuitive gifts to light his way into the darkness of his disease and its treatment. Anatole Broyard was an editor, a literary critic, and an essayist for the New York Times for 40 years.

This book has inspired a new shelf “booksaboutrace.

Is this moment lost on illlness There should be a special shelf for books you wanted passionately to admire, books that it breaks your heart not to have loved. La historia del padre tremenda.