Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ashok Kumar Banker’s internationally acclaimed Ramayana Series® has been hailed by critics as a milestone (India Today). AKB eBOOKS is India’s first bestselling international ebookstore, offering exclusive digital downloads of prolific Indian English author Ashok K. Banker’s. The seeds of war have been planted and the world is on the brink of the greatest of all in Ashok Banker’s The Epic Mahabharata series, The Children.

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You could read this book cover to cover, as a straightforward story, or dip into it at a random page, to discover a forgotten creation myth or cautionary tale from long ago.

Behind The Beautiful Forevers: In fact, these epics were the roots of all modern fantasy. No publisher was willing to put the word ‘epic’ as a label on my books and won’t do it even now – because there is no such genre, bankdr or label in commercial publishing. Internet Book List website.

Ashok Banker – Wikipedia

His first novel though the fifth published Vertigo is about a man struggling to make a successful career and home life in Bombay the former name of Mumbai.

Please enter your e-mail address. He was earlier also known as a prolific reviewer and commentator on contemporary Indian literatureand as a candid essayist with a particular focus on media hypocrisy in India, and the western racial bias against South Asian writers. There was never a single work or author I can point to now and say ‘that inspired me’.

I take years to think about each book, decades to research and plan and prepare. Given the amount of original treatment you have brought to your modern versions of the epics, do you think they could be called completely original novels? Siege of Mithila Ramayana series. Retrieved from ” https: Add both to Cart Add both to List.


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He is reported to have several television shows in development and production, including the highly successful historical TV show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors. I would love to read a Sitayana – I have often thought of writing one myself, as a television series if not a book.

The thing that has concerned me most is not the works themselves but the fact that as a non-Hindu non-caste individual of mixed race and background, with no religious or spiritual beliefs, I would be an easy target for the media. Usually delivered in days? So there are as many Ramayanas as there are people who live to read and retell it.

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I’m just happy to be writing! Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. This mahagharata a question that’s best answered by bankwr rather than by me.

News18 test sharma Updated: My unpublished novel Vortal: Let Rama and Krishna have all the glory. The creator of several dozen successful and award-winning advertising commercials, documentaries and docudramas, including the multiple award-winning Whose World Is It Anyway, for which he also wrote several original songs.

Bookblah: Vyasa Ashok Banker’s Mahabharata

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Westland February 23, Language: In the 90s, when I published more ‘fantasy’ and ‘science fictional’ stories, I was sometimes compared to other SF authors of earlier times.

Ashok is 48 years old and lives with his family in Mumbai. Among his close friends were the son and daughter of the Rabbi of the Magen David Synagogue in Byculla, who also studied at the same high school.

So it’s actually the other way around so far: It is a record of creation, a listing of our ancestry, a record of human history, the fountainhead of language, literature, learning, science, art I dressed up the skeleton, fleshed it out and brought it to life in my own clumsy way.


I take an average of 30 years to gestate an idea. For a non-writer, it may be difficult to understand this, but a book does not miraculously appear on the day it’s published. I feel that’s why Tulsidas’s commentary is much more popular today than Valmiki’s retelling. Shockwave in and completed it in Anybody who wishes to read The Mahabharata as it was originally narrated in its entirety, should definitely opt in.

Banker has often commented publicly about abuse he faced growing up on account of his lack of religion, caste or racial identity. Words can not express how awesome they are. Mahabharata, Ramayana, Krishna, anything else?

I began Gods of Mahabyarata in but conceived it in the early 80s and finished it in I believe there have been any number of other adaptations that people say are either directly inspired by my Ramayana retelling or indirectly encouraged by my success. Fortress of Dwarka KC 7: I have added the love and passion I felt for mahabharaat stories.

Valmiki, Vyasa who includes an overview of the Ramayana twice in his MahabharataTulsidas and Kamban, you will find four very mahaabharata versions of the same story. Bookworms will rule the world! Sort of an ‘enhanced translation’ wherein I never deviate in fact or incident, merely extrapolate from the known to create a new work.