Basil Valentine. Records of the life of Basilius Valentinus, the Benedictine monk who for his achievements in the chemical sphere has been given the title of. Valentine’s true identity can’t be known for sure, but my money’s on Johann Thölde, and we talk a little about both. As far as we know for the first time in the. VALENTINE, BASIL, OR BASILIUS VALENTINUSChemistry, alchemy, edly a German Benedictine monk born at Mainz in , Basil.

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Basil Valentine is the Anglicised version of the name Basilius Valentinusostensibly a 15th-century alchemistpossibly Canon of the Benedictine Priory of Saint Peter in Erfurt, Germany but more likely a pseudonym used by one or several 16th-century German authors.

According to John Maxson Stillmanwho wrote on the history of chemistry, there is no evidence of such a name on the rolls in Germany or Rome and no mention of this name before Whoever he was, Basil Valentine had considerable chemical knowledge. He showed that ammonia could be obtained by the action of alkali on sal-ammoniac ammonium chloridedescribed the production of hydrochloric acid by acidifying brine of common salt sodium chlorideand created oil of vitriol sulfuric acidamong other achievements.


The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine is a widely reproduced alchemical book attributed to Basil Valentine, first published in It contains two parts, the second of which houses the twelve keys. These were accompanied by woodcut engravings from later publications in the early seventeenth century.

Numerous publications on alchemy in Latin and German were published under the name Basil Valentine. They have been translated into many European languages, including EnglishFrenchRussian and others. The following list is roughly organized in order bsailius translation or publication date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine.

Basil Valentine | History of Alchemy

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Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine

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