(Beyond including full access to this Checkout Usability research study, the Baymard Premium access also include 6 additional studies (Homepage & Category. This new usability study is the result of 7 years worth of e-commerce the vast majority of the checkout changes in this report are related to. Today we’re releasing our new Product Page Usability study providing Page Usability report and benchmark at

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However, the nuances and diversities behind the overall mediocre performance are manyfold. The audit was extremely useful, I think we have gained valuable insight. Implications and fundamental differences between desktop and mobile websites, incl. This was an excellent piece of work: The audit itself is done really professionally and the recommendations contain actionable and insightful information.

Stomme poes September 21, Mobile E-Commerce Mobile Basics. Now, when a new report comes out from your office we just buy it right away.

E-Commerce Checkout Usability: An Original Research Study – Cart & Checkout – Baymard Institute

Depending on your organization, budget, and needs, there are 3 plans to choose from:. We often get asked to for help with checkout usability and I often refer people your way.

So I can confirm that these fixes have improved our checkout. This has resulted in a benchmark database with 7, checkout elements manually reviewed and scored, across different checkout steps. The benchmark reviews and compares the product page experience and performance of 60 major US and European e-commerce sites across each of the 98 guidelines presented in the page report. You and your team have been amazing partners to us and we very much appreciate the work, expertise and partnership.


Rick LangeOwner of StudioStreet. Number of Users 1. The mobile homepage, main navigation, and search, incl. Jaime WilsonSr.

At Baymard Institute, we started researching checkout usability more than 9 years ago when baymarx founded the institute and did our first round of large-scale usability testing. Indeed, we find small online retailers just as capable of crafting great checkout experiences, if they stay nimble and focused.

E-Commerce Checkout Usability

Extremely helpful, thank you! E-Commerce Product List Usability. The team in the room really loved the way the Baymard Institute highlighted the optimizations in the various user experience elements copy, layout, design, calls-to-action…from the perspective of consumer struggles.

Post a comment or Share: Exploring the user’s checkout experience’ Great!

How to cause as few abandonments as possible, incl. Empower your e-commerce UX and organization with Baymard Premium research reort tools. We have redesigned our checkout process and made changes to our category pages based on usability guidelines in the reports.

Mobile product page layouts, incl. This research-based and pragmatic toolset will help you achieve the best possible checkout flow, user experience, and conversion rate. They really understand the needs of UX and Product Management professionals, and their deep experience in the eCommerce field allows them to offer sophisticated, nuanced insights. Creating a balanced product list experience within the confines of a mobile screen, incl.


Checkout UX

Why is it that this many orders are abandoned? Not so much anymore. Get inspiration from leading and competing e-commerce sites that have excellent UX performance, along with answers to why they perform well. Keep up the great work!

We will soon work on implementation of other usability guidelines. Either because users grow so infuriated with the site that they leave in anger, or because they get stuck on how to complete one or more fields and end up having no other option than to leave. How users rely on images on the product page, the 7 different product image types users generally need, the amount of images needed, and how large sites can approach some of the image sourcing.

Daniel KohnFounder of AbandonAid. Some of the overall poor and mediocre performance is simply due to mobile and touch platforms still being relatively new territory — compared to the two decades old desktop website. They are bombarded by articles and blog posts like this one! Lastly, you can learn more about getting full access to baymarv 93 product ksability design guidelines and the page usability report, along with unrestircted benchmark access, at: