User Manual. XLT Resolution file. Language: English. File Size: KB. Version: Operating System: Update: /02/ Download. XLT User. User Manual. HTST User Manual. Language: English. File Size: MB. Version: Operating System: Update: /07/ Download. Data Sheet. BenQ isn’t a power player in the European mobile phone market and its new E72 Unfortunately, praising the BenQ E72’s ability to hop between GSM and wireless Snapdragon phones list, specs, and 5G speeds.

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Table of contents Safety precautions Table of contents Making a speed dial call Table of contents Ringtone Editor Safety precautions Safety precautions Information for parents Please read the operating instructions and safety precautions mankal before use. Explain the content to your children and the hazards associated with using the phone. Remember to comply with legal Permanent hearing loss may requirements and local occur if you use ear- or restrictions when using the Safety precautions You may only open the phone to Use manuql original accessories.

You must not health or property and ensure open the battery under any compliance with all relevant circumstances. To do this, see “Making the phone visible” on page The factory default name is “BenQ E72”.

Press to check the new message. The default message editor is SMS. Voice mail In Home screen, press and hold to access voice mail. Phone exterior Description of indicators Rear view Power indicator Flash Indicates that there are new missed call sor the battery power is low also indicated by the appearance of certain icons on the Navigation bar. Green Charging is complete. Message indicator flash Camera lens Startup Startup Removing the back cover 1.

Slide to remove the back cover as illustrated. Lift the cover off the phone. Inserting the battery 1. Slide the bottom end of the battery down into the bottom of the battery bay.

Try to The newly added programs cannot be replace the charger or the activated if the program files are stored battery. Wait for the phone to boot up with number of bars displayed indicates the the BenQ screen.

If your SIM card is protected by the stronger the signal. Startup Quick list Flight mode Quick List provides quick access bebq The phone stops searching for the signal manage the phone status and switch of mankal base station of your network between different profiles. You can operate many phone functions in Quick Bbenq and hold Startup Master Reset corresponding to the number shown before an item, if available. Master Reset restarts the smartphone by More Home screen Home screen The follow figure shows the various components on the screen.

BENQ E72 USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

You will enter Home screen after you have completed the first-time bfnq procedure. You can use Home screen to view the following information: Home screen Personal information Call incoming management Phone call s missed Schedule You can switch to Tasks to find w72 the upcoming Signal strength appointments and tasks.


Or you can access the commonly used programs Searching for phone network Programs easily. Phone service unavailable Menu bar Phone service off After a current text input method is indicated brief interval the cursor will advance.

Press to enter the T9 settings highlighted word. To setup your preferences for T9 text 5.

To end a word, press to move input, press and holdand select the cursor to the right of the word. My Text refers to manua excerpts of texts 5,, 5,, 5,, to be inserted in your SMS or MMS 5,, 6,, 6,, messages.

BenQ E72 Mobile Phone

Manjal settings Sounds Home screen is a powerful canvas on which you can customise to display System sounds provide an audio alert pertinent information and to better suit when your attention is needed, whether you aesthetically.

Enter a password in Password, and networks. Refer to “Connectivity” on Confirm page Select Done to save the nenq. The phone and SIM card are protected against misuse by several security codes. Phone settings Confirm 4. Calling such as currency, times, dates and Program by sending your feedback to numbers. Owner Information Message Sidekey Just as it is wise to label valuable assets Message sidekey provides a quick access with your name or e-mail address, so is to messaging services, including SMS, it important to stamp your smartphone MMS, and e-mail messages.

Assign a key available for this speed 2. Press to select the number mamual dial entry. Press Done to save and exit. Press The numbers you can use for speed dial Entering international dialling codes: Listening to voicemail Ending a call Press and hold When you are finished with your phone call, press to end the call.

Using the programs Using the programs Icon Description Where to find Many of the programs require network Contacts connectivity. Make sure that the phone connectivity is configured properly Contacts Page before you activate these programs.

An electronic phone book The different connectivity methods are for managing your contacts. Access to digital camera and camcorder. Internet bookmark your favourite pages or save websites automatically. Menu them for off-line viewing. The number in front of each category connection.

Call History in a call log, which is named Delete Delete the contact. In this view, you can see Contact at a glance the phone number of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls, Instant Message you connect to multiple IM networks you are unavailable, and block contacts wirelessly.

Messaging Add Recipient Menu 8. Scroll to a friend and press 3.

This is how you Hard Reset your E72 – push button method – Microsoft Community

Press to select IM to open a conversation Send a contact person, or enter a number window to chat with your friend. You may need to Contacts Remove from list.


Press Menu and select Names name if the entered the editor screen. Messaging A list of accounts is displayed if more 2. Press to switch to different than one account is configured. Add Recipient Menu 3.

Messaging Receiving and viewing Tools Switch Accounts: Audio Notes Organizer Start Organizer World Times Updating rates automatically Update 1.

Press Menu and select The phone shows the times and weather Rates. Select either Change City Menu Select to change the cities. Checking the maps 1.

Switch to check the maps by selecting Maps in Menu. Camera Mode status While taking pictures, the smartphone will automatically enter the Stand By Camera status mode to save power if it is idle for a while. To resume, press any key. Brightness, shooting mode, white balance, effect, and save location. Recording videos The icons displayed depend on your settings Decide the time limit, the file format more. Entertainment Entertainment Play Slide Play images as slide show.

This is how you Hard Reset your E72 – push button method

Processing process the image. You Bdnq Define the behaviour of can e772 brightness, the playback and the look contrast, saturation, of the player. You can also sharpness, shadow boost, assign keys to perform and effect of the image. Extras contacts, dial digits, start applications, Unselect Uncheck one item so that it have your appointments read to you, cannot be initiated by and have your e-mail or SMS messages Speech Commander.

Voice Tag Build a custom voice tag by Follow the on-screen instructions to say recording your own voice, the command and activate the function. As a matter designed for mobility electronic devices of fact, all the contact information are with camera module such as camera stored in these barcodes.

Other trademarks and trade Available connection methods for setting names are those of nanual respective up may vary depending on your ISP and owners. Connectivity Turning function on 3.

The phone then begins searching for other Bluetooth devices. A list of available devices is displayed. Pair the headset with your phone see 3. A list of the once connected devices is “Creating a Bluetooth connection” on displayed.

Follow the on- 4. Select a device and confirm with screen instructions to complete the procedure. Bwnq Proxy Connecting brnq an existing wireless network If proxy server settings are needed, contact your ISP or network 1. Turn your Wi-Fi on as instructed in administrator for the proxy server “Turning Wi-Fi on” on page