Bluets is a book by the American author Maggie Nelson, published by Wave Books in The work hybridizes several prose and poetry styles, and is often . A Guardian Book of the Year. Maggie Nelson is one of the most electrifying writers at work in America today, among the sharpest and most supple thinkers of her. Presentation Mode Open Print Download Current View. Go to First Page Go to Last Page. Rotate Clockwise Rotate Counterclockwise. Enable hand tool.

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Bluets by Maggie Nelson review – heartbreak and sex in 240 turbocharged prose poems

The sort of sensibility that prefers “cinema” to film or movie or, certainly, flick. At others, I fear I am incapable of communicating the depth of it. My full review, as well as my other thoughts maghie reading, can be found on my blog. With BluetsMaggie Nelson has entered the pantheon of brilliant lyric essayists.

I remember that day very clearly: Perhaps that is why I am avoiding writing about too many specific blue things – I don’t want to displace my memories of them, nor embalm them, nor exalt them. Then looking into an empty teacup, its bottom stained with thin brown excrement coiled into the shape of a sea horse it became somehow personal. Aside from anything written by Karl Ove Mouthguard? There is a distinctive aura of sensuality in the language and the theme of sexuality and its implications is central and communicated in a very realistic manner.

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Bluets is a gorgeous and moving work that Bluefs hope to read many times.

from Bluets – PEN America

Nelson appears to have written this for the same purpose — to heal from relationships heartbreak, growth, love, desire, friendshipto heal from within, to embrace blets color that frequently symbolizes sadness, depression, the blues.

Refresh and try again. Today is Liu Xiaobo’s birthday. The product of a privileged aesthete, I thought toward the end.

I made a list: It could well be what Maggie Nelson calls clinging to samsara with a vengeance. The more I come to think of it, the more I believe that no other colour has so many facades and identities. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

The Review: Bluets by Maggie Nelson | Brick

Retrieved 10 January The propositions that compose Bluets were collected across three years of slowly dwindling sadness, from toas Nelson recovered from a heartbreak while caring for a close friend rendered quadriplegic. She calls upon such writers as Ludwig Wittgensteingoetheand Marguerite Duras among many others helson artists such as Joan Mitchell, Cezanne, Andy Warhol, and a particular favorite of mine Joseph Cornell, to amplify her responses to blue which are as rich and varied as the color itself.

Preview — Bluets by Maggie Nelson. We cannot read it. When Nelson asks where colour resides—in objects themselves or in our perceptions of those objects—she is also asking about love. Thanks to Maggie Nelson I see the world through blue-coloured glasses now. Blue takes on so many meanings: Help PEN America protect and uplift their voices: Writing is, in fact, an astonishing equalizer. Home from Bluets from Bluets By: I can only hope the virus can be contained.


Writers may experience shame as a failure to express oneself or to attain to the idea: When I was alive, I aimed to be a student not of longing but of light.

Some things do change, however. Acknowledges and dismisses Gass’s On Being Bluewhich I enjoyed more since nepson always alliterative language is flat-out fun. If I were today on my deathbed, I would name my love of the color blue and making love with you as two of the sweetest sensations I knew on this earth.

This is an introspective book centered around the loss of a partner and grief and depression and the injury of a close friend and, yes, the c This is the third book by Maggie Nelson I have read and my favourite so far.

Apr 02, Rose Gowen rated it did not like it. At the bottom of the swimming pool, I watched the white winter light spangle the cloudy blue and I knew together they made God.