Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Adult/High School-Iselle, the royesse The Curse of Chalion – Kindle edition by Lois McMaster Bujold. The Curse of Chalion, written by Lois McMaster Bujold and published by HarperCollins Publishers in was the first book of the World of the Five Gods . The Curse of Chalion introduces us to Lupe de Cazaril, the scion of a noble family of the titular kingdom. War blights the landscape. Nearby Ibra is wracked by.

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Not because he is ethically questionable–far from it–but because he is a physical wreck. I read “The Zangre Ravens”, but I was not knowing what was happening until I bought the complete novel. Although the theological ideas of The Curse of Chalion are presented in terms of an invented religion of five gods, they are certainly applicable to Christianity, and perhaps to any religion. We see glimpses of wit and intelligence, but it’s quickly overrun by shame, uncertainty, and fear.

In all, The Curse of Chalion is a powerful and memorable piece of storytelling from one of SF and fantasy’s most important talents. Cazaril himself is the victim of treachery. We get to know him as he returns after 17 years away, poor and hopeless.

The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold

Yes, if you are looking for a book with twenty fights per hundred of pages and countless acts of instant-gratification magic, this is not the one for you. In this universe a few human events of mythical or miraculous proportions gain a reality. In fact, he bears the weight of the whole book on his weary shoulders.

Book cover art by Doug Beekman left. The characters, too, grow like real people, and have real dimension and substance.

The Mythopoeic Society Reviews: The Curse of Chalion

The Bastard’s death magic is particularly harrowing, and it happens to have the largest role and plot significance in the novel. By making it more of an underground river, providing a tender refuge for me from his travails and sensitizing my empathetic hopes. Many fantasy books, when they involve any kind of court culture, have as their viewpoint character someone who doesn’t know how it works, xurse blunders around until he or she figures it out.


His pondering about the spirituality of life as a galley-slave seemed forced and sometimes preachy. Beguilement Legacy Passage Horizon I recommend it read any doctor.

Cahlion and Teidez’s mother, the Royina Ista, is rumored to be mad; at any rate, she seems to be perpetually ailing from some chalon or deep depression no one can explain. Sin duda, una gran aventura.

Really three and a half stars. The contrast between how behaves Cazaril, and Miles Vorkosigan Vorkosigan is one of the three examples that the pro-life can be used in the world of fantasy against abortion, because he was born with a physical disability, other examples are Tanis of the universe of the Dragonlance product of a violation although it seems that in the end it wasn’t for bothand “crepusculo” Rynesme that have it meant the the death of a mother.

Mar 15, Gavin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Curse of Chalion [July ] 42 69 Jul 27, Curse the common cold! But the great way of characterization doesn’t stop with Cazaril. All the other charcters are beautifully drawn as well and it’s a joy to read about them. When he arrives at the home of his former employer he reveals the depth of his suffering and is given a second chance.

This is not a high-action tale, and most of the tension comes from the history read: The Curse of Chalion –August — spoilers. I’ve read Curse of Chalion twice over the years and loved it both times. The pacing reminded me a bit of Assassin’s Apprenticeso you if you enjoyed those books, you may enjoy Executive Summary: The endemic warfare, often glossed over or ignored in fantasy, was also well done and it served to make the world more realistic.

There does end up being magic however.

The Curse of Chalion

The overarching sadness here, much of it from the weakness of the story’s gods cugse the way things had to be worked out was very effective. He really doesn’t have any flaws, and I liked him for it – it’s kind of refreshing these days. Cazaril is not your typical fantasy protagonist. At his peak he was a courtier, castle-warder, and captain; but now he has just escaped for the oar benches of a slave galley chalino is a shadow of his former self.


Steadfast, principled, not attention seeking, reflective, Cazaril is the definition of Loyalty To Another, self-effacing willing to sacrifice himself for a much greater good. View all 23 comments.

So you could call it theological fantasy. As conclusion is an outstanding novel about the role of the gods, and its role in addressing evil, and because there is evil and suffering in the world.

It takes a lot of effort and the result is unpredictable. This article needs additional citations for verification. At this point, the Daughter is able to reach into the world with sufficient cooperation from Cazaril to remove the curse from Chalion and its royal family.

This is a well-written story filled with politics, adventures, blessings and magic. And the author makes sure we’re intimate with Cazaril’s development. The names, for one thing. Because there is one thing, having in common Cazaril with the characters cuese Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman https: He is so damaged and sick and heart sore, yet at the same time brilliant and courageous and strong.

Quite a shift in dynamic, considering how oof Cazaril was in the beginning of the book.

If so, where and when has it begun? It reminded me to put everything by Bujold that I haven’t read on my wishlist! No long background speeches about how the world works, it’s government etc. Curse of Chalion chalioon ].