Title: Dworce chaosu; Authors: Zelazny, Roger (); Publication Year: ; Publisher: Warszawa: Iskry; ISBN: ; Publication series. Istnieją dwa światy – Amber i Dworce Chaosu. Pomiędzy nimi istnieje nieskończona liczba cieni – rzeczywistości równoległych, które są tylko. Kroniki Amberu 7. Krew Amberu · Kroniki Amberu 4. Ręka Oberona · Rakietowe szlaki 3 · Kroniki Amberu 3. Znak jednorożca · Kroniki Amberu 5. Dworce chaosu.

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I cannot say I knew him well … not until the end ofwhen I moved to Santa Fe, fresh from a divorce, near broke, and dworve alone.

Robert Kirkman wants the Chronicles Of Amber to be the next Game Of Thrones –

By then, I had made a few sales on my own. Like only a few before him, Roger left his mark on the genre. I was in college at the time, a long time reader who dreamed of writing himself one day.

Kokabiel 2 lata temu 0. He knew something about everything and everything about some things, but he never used his knowledge to impress or intimidate. He created worlds as colorful and exotic and memorable as any our genre has ever seen.


But most of all, I will remember his people. Sometimes it seemed he had read every book ever printed.

If I had to fly to a con, he drove across town to pick up my mail and water my plant. Wild Chaksu fans still grin at the memory of Croyd and the decomposing alien. The Jack of Shadows. Charles Render, the dream master.

Fred Cassidy climbing on his rooftops. We shared dinners and breakfasts chasu endless shoptalk. Dodany 2 lata temu przez: And when my money was running low at the end of my first year in Santa Fe, he offered me a loan to tide me over until I could finish Fevre Dream.

No one who heard the Chicken Effect Speech at Bubonicon will ever forget it.

Kroniki Amberu Tom 1

I knew I had found one hell of a writer in this fellow with the odd, unforgettable name. His spaceship chaplain solemnly explaining evolution and ethics to an increasingly confused alien.

I was surprised and thrilled when Roger knew my work. After Lord of Light, I read every word of his I could get my hands on. His Chinese poet warrior, declaiming thunderingly bad poems as he walked down an endless muddy road. But when I read those words for the first time, a chill went through me, and I sensed that SF would never be the same. And Oklahoma Crude, roughneck oilman, chewing tobacco and swapping jokes with space pirates and musketeers alike. The Sleeper, Croyd Crenson, who never learned algebra.


He did as much, and more, for others. But then, he never claimed not to be a god. Roger was as kind and generous as any man I have ever known. He was a storyteller without peer.

A few months ago, when Corwin of Amber and his troublesome siblings. He preferred to drop the Maha- and the atman, however, and dworrce himself Sam.

He left his mark on my life as well. He took me with him to parties and wine tastings, even asked me to share Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family. Dodany 2 lata temu przez:.