In his “Get Smarter,” Jamais Cascio urges his readers to change themselves and as the title of the article suggests, “get smarter”. Cascio. After reading Jamais Cascios article “Get Smarter” I’ve come to realize that our world really is a non stop cycle of evolving technology, and. In the article Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio he starts by talking about how in the past we have become smarter by having to adapt to different.

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It follows that if we let the Internet, let artificial intelligence, let drugs help us achieve what we can but would take us much more to achieve, we will have time and energy to do more meaningful and significant things, such as enhancing the algorisms for artificial intelligence and developing more reliable drugs. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

“Get Smarter” & “How the Internet Is Saving Culture, Not Killing It”

A user’s guide for the 21st century. He continues to discuss the implications our cultural beliefs will have on our use of technology as we dive into the future.

Cascio believes that technological advancement and human intelligence are intertwined. In this phrase, Cascio is arguing that as connections in the world increase, the only way to be successful is to be able to think creatively and uniquely.

Although the use of technology is a new factor, the type of responding to better ourselves is consistent. This point is important because it forces us to consider the types of janais we would face if the world was open to that sort of dynamic change. The internet gives us a sort of awareness that we never had before by being able to have insight from all over the world, articles and even games.

American futurologists Living people American transhumanists. Why is it especially important to the paper? Newer Post Older Post Home.

We are therefore not regressing, but adapting to a new set of circumstances and conditions just as humans did seventy-four csacio years ago. It is becoming a stepping stool for globalization and a way to create awareness about issues in the international world that are usually swept aside by mainstream media.


CreditsAustralian Broadcasting Commission, retrieved 27 JanuaryWriter and consultant: Does this mean that other generations only care about superficial things? With looking at technology everything that we develop is only one break through away from being out of date. Carr also fears the achievement of Google’s mission smrter, “The ultimate search engine is something as smart as peopleor smarter. However, unlike the internet, humans do not have a built-in search engine that enables us to sift through vast quantities of information in a neat and orderly way.

Broken Dreams Transhuman Space InCascio cascoo the online website Worldchanging with Alex Steffen. Newer Post Older Post Xmarter. Therefore due to necessity would not the distractions continue to exist and plague the attention of simple knowledge seekers?

Jamais Cascio

Not only has technology come a long way with the electronics, video games and details in which go into it. Anonymous November 8, at 4: Thus, people have access to the same information and because of this, our knowledge becomes shared. He thinks that a lot of people have the same fear as Carr, in the sense that since he is of a generation before the intense use of the internet, it made him think differently or clouded his zmarter.

He contributed articles from until his departure in Technology that we create is for always for the use of something, even if that something is not information, but rather for entertainment.

I think that makes me know MORE then the generations before me, not less. The smater of the future is far from measurable and we as humans have to be willing to adapt to what will be coming our way! Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

AP English Jamais Cascio’s “Get Smarter”

Also, I found the discussion about Spotify really interesting, because I wonder how much less money smaller artists are making now that Spotify exists. You are commenting using your WordPress. Cascio talks about how technology is not necessarily hurting us, but rather expanding our smarte.

InCascio collaborated with the Australian Broadcasting Commission as a writer and consultant to produce Bluebird AR[24] jaamais interactive multimedia drama that encouraged viewers to participate, and think about caacio in geoengineering. Yes, it takes a very smart human brain to be able to create a machine with that much power, power to step in and start doing very every day tasks for us, but that is not a fair representation of the rest of our society.


Our brain capacities continue to expand as time goes on.

Following his discussion of the advantage of drugs, Cascio discusses the advatages and weaknesses of artificial intelligence. For me this was xascio interesting idea, and Cascio elaborates on it very well.

Question- Are we ready and if not are we going to be ready for this type of technology? Posted by maddie at 5: What comes to my mind as I read this is how we intentionally seek out people who are trying to make a positive mark on the world, whether that be a physical mark or something to just make the world more positive; I know whenever I find someone or hear about someone that is just doing something great for the benefit of the world, I want to support them so I give them my time and money.

Everything is gey our finger tips, which in my opinion can be a life saver, but on the other hand crippling to our communication and introspective efficiency. Carr in thinking that an over-reliance on internet tools will inevitably cause the brain to atrophy, and Cascio in thinking that getting smarter is the necessary outcome of the evolutionary pressures he describes. Anonymous March 14, at 8: Cascio concludes his argument by describing what he believes life will be like in the future.

It was almost comforting to read an opinion that had a more optimistic standpoint, strongly juxtaposing that of Carr.

Retrieved 11 October He says that these focus assistants will become important parts of our everyday lives.