See what items on eBay consist of an interesting Graupner MC 24 collection. Join coupe-freak to create inspiring collections on eBay!. RC Jets – Transmitter Graupner MC24 – Hi Guys Does anyone use the Graupner MC24 for there jet transmitter. MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels. MC Kofferset 41 MHz Graupner günstig✓ & schnell✓ im geprüften OnlineShop bestellen! Riesen Auswahl mit über Artikeln.

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MY Futuba 9Z is out of channels and I am looking for more options going to a 10x for 1 more channel does not appeal to me I would like several more.

Also I called Futuba and they deny that a 12z is even in the product development stages. But to ,c24 honest every time I ask them a question they don’t graupnerr very knowlegable. Thanks for your help Ian. Send a private message to Flyjets.

Find More Posts by Flyjets. The MC24 is a tray tranny and if you are used to fly thumbs, you’ll have a lot of trouble to change habits, especially during landings. Send a private message to cairoman. Find More Posts by cairoman.

You in the states will in a future have the “derivate”: There has been some discussions here on RCU in this subject. The indications so far from Horizon PCM9x is that “they” will decide for you The MX22 software, is almost identical to the MC Basically all German produced Tx’s: Tx modules can be changed to 72Mhz.

Send a private message to A Find Fraupner Posts by A I have a MPX and have and have woundered how you fly or drive anything when things are in a differnt place. I some time use a neck strap and some times not. I fly thumbs on top. I fly Cubs like mode 2 but side by side, left side is left hand aileron and elevator with right hand throttle.

Transmitter Graupner MC24 – RCU Forums

Fly all my models mode 1 but will test a mode 2 for some one. If I had a tray maybe I would not worry about dropping it. Send a private message to Darryl Usher. Visit Darryl Usher’s homepage! Find More Posts by Darryl Usher. Personnaly, I prefer PCM modulation for jets, and appreciate the 10 channel capability.

The TX is very flexible, you can customize switches and the placement for these, I really like the 2 and 3 position switches on top of the sticks.

This gives me hands-on control with the most used functions. The longer sticks means larger movements with your control inputs, this I feel gives better control overall. The tray type TXs do not fit a thumb pilot, you need to fly with the sticks between thumb and index finger. The latest software contains all imaginable mixing possibilities for both planes and helicopter in the same package.

Still I feel it is easier to program than most other brands, very similar to the JR 10x. The MC 24 is the mostly used radio in jet competition in Europe, the same goes for most of the glider, power and helicopter classes in FAI competition as well.


Send a private message to Per Strommen. Graupnre More Posts by Per Strommen. I have 2 MC24’s with the latest software and completely agree with Per. I have a 3 position switch graunper top of each stick and any of the switches can be programmed to do anything.

Transmitter module mx-22/24 / mc-24

It will hold 40 airplanes or helicopters any mix. I use them for both turbine jets ,helicopters and everything else I fly. I have added switches for digital trims which can be used on each phase for helicopters or airplanes.

I use the switches on top of the sticks for flight phases for helocopters and for flaps and gear for jets and other airplanes.

Graupner,MC Kofferset 41 MHz, – Hobbydirekt

There is not enough room here to completely describe the functional capability and versability of this radio. I fly mode1 so I use the second MC24 as a backup and have it set to mode2 easily switchable so that people that fly mode2 can fly my helicopters. The data safe for the MC24 not only saves the data on the computer but all the data can be viewed on the screen and printed out.

I also have a buddy cord attachment and a cord to copy from one transmitter to the other. Send a private message to rjpmodel. Find More Posts by rjpmodel. If you want a 12 channel system, the Multiplex Profi or the Royal Evo 12 are the ones. Unsurpassed range based on my results and Eddie Weeks’. The Royal Evo has some new fancy battery management system too that looks very promising.

I have been flying MPX Profi for three years now in jets and it has been superb. Send a private message to Woketman. Find More Posts by Woketman. I used to have an MC24 and had to replace landing gear on every other landing, as I could not get used to tray type. This is totally multiplexed, no it’s not the PCM9, this one is made by JR for Graupner to run on a microprocessor and it’s fully upgradable, like the MC24, but you have to send it to Graupner for upgrades.

Three more channels on PPM to say the least. There’s an article on the latest Jetpower magazine about the MX Are servos plugs compatible?

Send a private message to Strykaas. Find More Posts by Strykaas. I use the 12 channel Multiplexwhich like the MC24 has an awesome level of programmability. Most of them now agree that the wider shallower case is in fact more comfy.

Send a private message to HarryC. Find More Posts by HarryC. I too fly the Profi thumbs only. Never had a complaint. The “tray only” perception of these radios is baloney. Strykaas, I have used all brands of servos, but mostly MPX digitals on critical, high load functions. JR servos should work just fine. The only issue might be that the center point only when in MPX 12 channel mode of each channel is a bit off center from the traditional 1. This has something to do with the compression needed to squeeze 12 channels into the bandwidth available Harry knows more.

But all you have to do is allow for the servo to be slightly rotated different at neutral than it would if say a Futaba system was supplying the signal in other words shift the out put arms over one spline. It is no big deal at all. Send a private message to lov2flyrc. Find More Posts by lov2flyrc.


Todd, well you know what they say about hand size vs. Perhaps there is a slight difference in the layout between the Multiplex and the Graupner MC What matters to your hands is not how wide the case is, but how far in from the edge the sticks have been placed, because thats the distance that your thumb has to cover.

On the Multiplex radios, the distance from the edge of the case to the stick is the same as on a Japanese radio, so your hand doesn’t know any difference there.

But the case is more shallow than a Japanese radio which means that your hand is less stretched out trying to hold around it, this makes it easier to hold and gives your thumb more freedom to move than with a Japanese radio.

I haven’t held an MC24 so I don’t know how it compares. A Multiplex in 12 channel mode compresses the data signal to speed up the refresh rate but the receiver decompresses it. The “problem” is that in 12 channel mode it only uses the Multiplex centre of 1. As Woketman said, this offsets the servo centre. However I advise very strongly against moving the servo arm around the splines to correct it. The reason is that the whole of the servos mechanics are at 1.

In some circumstances it is then possible to overdrive the servo, normal servos tend to just stop at the limit but there are reports of digital servos either ceasing to work, or going berserk if overdriven.

The real solution is to modify the transmitter output back to a 1.

In Multiplex there are several ways to adjust centres, and each one behaves differently. For example, if you adjust a trim value the ends remain fixed in place so the trim alters the travels asymetrically in both directions which is not what is wanted in this situation as it leaves the overdriving end point graupnre place.

However the servo centre parameter moves the entire window of travel with it, so the end points stay the same distance away from the altered centre. Thank you Harry, a much better description and more accurate than mine.

I have never bothered resetting the centers when in 12 channel mode and have never had an issue. I do, however, always check to be certain that at maximum throws, I do not bottom out a servo. So far, this system has proven flawless. The only thing I’d give it up for is mc2 spread spectrum system hear that Mr. Best transmitter I’ve ever owned. I’ve had every TX that,s out there and this is the best one ever, extremely easy and user friendly.