Well the title is my question. I know I will be an Eladrin who probably will go star and something? But is Hexblade worth it and is it fun?. I’d guess that’s where their striker damage is coming from, since they don’t appear to have curses–and while it’s one-handed, you’ve got to use. Are there any official rules for a Hexblade multiclass feat or Hybrid? (I don’t have DDI access, but the DM does, so references to Dragon articles.

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dnd 4e – Can a Warlock take Hexblade powers/feats/etc? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Kalashtar – Boosts to Charisma and Intelligence make Kalashtar pretty good Star Pact Hexblades, although their racial features and lack 44e feats keeps them from being top picks. A nice power that your allies can benefit from. It certainly isn’t a deal breaker. This one should be avoided. A Hexblade, caring about someone?

Well assuming you 4f use any book right now You gain a shift based off of your Constitution modifier along with some temporary resistance against elemental damage types when you drop a foe.

Warlock Hexblade (4e Power List) | Dungeons and Dragons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Power Source and Role. Damages a foe, immobilizes them, and makes them take a save ends penalty to will.

If you’ve made it this far as a Shade Hexblade, then you’ll want this. They have access to unique spells tied to their Pact Blade, and gain certain features based on their Pact as well.

Bond of Brotherhood AP: This means that attacks against you deal less damaged, and you can walk through walls and hexblsde alike to get to where you need to be. This power lets you fought on a round after you should collapse from hitting 0, which means you have a round to use your second wind or have an ally heal you.


You see invisible enemies as if they were visible, but normally visible creatures including your allies are invisible to you. This power deals no initial damage, but hexblave forces one enemy to make Opportunity Attacks against all that enemy’s allies if it can.


Charm of Hearts D The ally then gets a big bonus to attack and damage rolls and defenses, if you’re an Infernal Hexblade. The vulnerability never scales, but there are enough feats that depend on striking a foe vulnerable to certain damage types that this is a pretty good grab anyway.

Other Powers What is this section here for? That said, there are some front runners for each pact: Not a bad pick overall. The simple answer is: Doubling you healing surge value once an encounter is definitely great, but be sure not to heading into death save territory! Finally, at level 14, they get Master of Hexes, which lets them forgo the healing effect for dropping a cursed opponent to instead immediately reapply that curse to a fresh opponent.

Then, “Hexblade” was added as an actual subclass for the warlock. The Blade of Annihilation is a heavy blade, which is inaccurate but powerful. It’s not that many, so try keep your defenses up as much as possible. You also have an adaptable racial power; Wrath of hexblave Destroyer is probably what you’ll be going with most of the 4f.

You gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons. Pathfinder would later port the hexblade as an archetype of the Magus class, hezblade a hexcrafter. After hitting a foe, you get a free shift and some temporary hit points which scale up with levels.


Hexblade’s Action is a bonus rider for spending an action point. Comments on this single page only. Fey Hexblades may also want to make Eldritch Bolt deal cold damage. Hexblaade also has a minor action debuff technique too. In fact, I’d say that outside of Hellish Hexblwde, it’s their strongest choice. Another power that causes nothing but damage. A decent encounter-long defense buff, although the actual attack part of the power is a little uninspiring.

So no multiclassing for other classes’ dailies’, okay?

The resist doesn’t scale, which is dissapointing, and the shift isn’t as good as Soul Step’s teleport. A foe attacks you, they take damage and you teleport away.

Warlock Hexblade (4e Power List)

Sustaining the zone doesn’t give you extra attacks like some other attacks here, but you can move it around with move actions, so it has its points. It’s invisible automatically, and has combat advantage against foes who can’t see invisible things, which hdxblade nice.

It’ll do damage no matter if you hit or miss, and also dazes on a miss.

Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules. The creature serves as a companion and servant. A close blast with cold damage, proning, and sliding.