KiWAVE™ is a trademark of Keithley Instruments, Inc. All Keithley Instruments product names are .. Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual. Items are supplied with manuals, accessories and typically a full no-quibble 2 The exceptional signal quality of the Model is a result of its high resolution, . Refer to the Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator User’s Manual if it is not clear how to specify the waveforms. The figure below shows an.

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Page 53 Keitlhey waveform The Model accepts either an internal or external modulating source. When you change function changed for pulse function from one allowing higher frequency to pulse waveform, the frequency is adjusted to 10 MHz. Setting up a square waveform To generate a manaul waveform from a remote interface: C-4 Return to Section List Of Figures Figure Default handle position for packing To set up PWM from a remote interface: If oeithley than 20 errors exist, the last error stored in the queue the most recent error is replaced withQueue Overflow.

Execution errors Error code Description The PWM deviation must follow the limitation Settings conflict; PWM concerning the pulse width manuap duty cycle, edge time, deviation decreased due to pulse Execution errors Error code Description Settings Setup Basics Front panel connections The Sync and Output connectors are both located on the front panel of the Model Appendix B Error Messages In this section: If the current output function is not sine, press the Sine key.


Rear Panel Description Section 3: Condition registers are read-only. The default source is internal with a default frequency of Hz the acceptable range is 2 mHz to 20 kHz.

Keithley 3390 Function Generator, Frequency Generator 3390 Data Sheet

Topic Page Editing parameter values and settings Topic Page Front panel description Detailed setup and operation instructions for the Front panel output functions can be found in 5, and of this manual. Connect And Power The Instrument Follow the procedure below to connect the Model to line power and turn on the instrument. Before you adjust the instrument, unsecure it by inputting the correct security code.

Press the soft key under Src to select among Int internalExt externalor Man manual for the trigger source. Keithly to for a list of the frequency ranges. Keighley this system, associated commands are grouped together under a common root, and form subsystems.

Recommended Test Equipment Section 1: If you look at the Fourier transform of this signal, it shows only the odd harmonics as keithhley expect for a square wave. Page 17 1 kHz. Press the Utility key, and then press the soft key under System to access the system menu. Assure that the output is enabled.

Rear panel item descriptions Introduction A sine waveform is a uniform waveform with a constant frequency and amplitude. Parameters are calculated as follows: Page of Go. These registers record conditions of the instrument and allow you to monitor and manipulate events.


You can also control the front display screen, control the sound, and perform test and calibration operations. Removing the handle from the instrument Adjusting the handle position You can adjust the handle of the Model for packing Figureoperation Figureand carrying Figure The default sweep time is keithlet second, and the range is from 1 ms to s. System Operations Performing self-test You can perform a self-test on the Model Set the to each output described in the table below and measure the output amplitude with the power meter.

Controlling the output signal Signal from the Output connector is controlled by the Output key.

Keithley Model Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Recommended adjustment Whatever verification interval you select, Keithley Instruments recommends that complete readjustment should always be performed at the verification interval.

Section 6 System Operations In this section: Page 23 Section 2 Front Panel In this section: Operation handle position Position Page 4 This page left blank intentionally.

Topic Page Front panel description This command enables the output immediately.