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type and area (LBN , ) and the minimum air volume for one person ( LBN ,. ). Sometimes a generalized air exchange of 1 time per hour is . General Construction Regulations. ➢ Construction Norms for Multi-storey Apartment Buildings, LBN ➢ Construction Norms for Low-rise. Standard LBN. p states that entrance of the building and other common areas in the building(eg, corridors, utility rooms) must be.

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Construction Products 1 It shall be permitted to offer construction products on the market of Latvia, as well as to build them permanently in structures, if they are valid for the intended use, ensure the fulfilment of the essential requirements set for the structure and conform to the requirements of the laws and regulations governing construction. Upon carrying out these functions, the Office shall apply the time periods specified in the Law for decision-taking and examination of disputes, shall ensure the procedures for the notification and discussion of a construction intention specified in the Law and also shall provide access to the information in the Construction Information System.

The building authority may take a decision on the permission to continue the construction work after information about the elimination of deficiencies has been received from the authority carrying out the supervision and control of the market of construction products, but in cases when the building authority has assigned to evaluate the impact of the non-conformity of a construction product with essential requirements put forward for a structure – also evaluation.

As a result of changes, it is possible to envisage unplanned construction work for engineering structures of the first or second group, auxiliary buildings of the first group or the second group in the minimum composition of a building design or a building design.

The owner of the structure shall also be responsible for choosing a person who draws up the building design, building expert, performer of construction work and building supervisor conforming to laws and regulations.

The amount of the insurance compensation shall be determined by agreement of the parties. Until 30 June natural persons have the right to perform expert-examination, if they have received a certificate for the relevant types of design or construction work and also legal persons registered in accordance with the procedures laid down in the laws and regulations governing construction which employ a certified specialists in the relevant field.

The landowner shall also be responsible for choosing a person who draws up the building design, building expert, performer of construction work and building supervisor conforming to laws and regulations. Contesting or appealing of such decision shall not suspend the operation thereof. Forced execution of decisions shall be applied, if not more than five years have passed since their entering into effect, counting this time period in accordance with that laid down in the Administrative Procedure Law.


Essential Requirements to be Set for a Structure A structure shall be designed, constructed and serviced in accordance with its type of use; moreover, it shall be done in such a way as to ensure its conformity with the following essential requirements: The procedures for the co-operation between the building authority and the Office, and also another authority which performs the functions of the building authority shall be determined by the general construction regulations.

The Law shall be applied to the construction of new structures, as well as to rebuilding, renewal, restoration, demolition, placing of existing structures, to changing of the type of use without rebuilding and to preservation. Construction Council of Latvia 1 The Construction Council of Latvia shall consist of the representatives of State institutions, non-governmental organisations and professional organisations.

If natural or legal persons do not ensure the building inspector with the right to visit and inspect structures and individual premises, such structures and individual premises may be accessed, applying substitute execution and physical force according to a decision of a district city court judge, which has been taken on the basis of an application of the building authority, Office or another institution carrying out the functions of the building authority and the materials appended thereto.

If a whole section, paragraph or clause has been deleted, the date of the deletion appears in square brackets beside the deleted section, paragraph or clause. Section 5, Paragraph one, Clause 12 and Section 23 of this Law shall come into force on 1 January The implementation of the functions specified in this Paragraph of Transitional Provisions may be delegated by the Office to a local government in accordance with the procedures specified in the State Administration Structure Law.

Building specialists who have received a certificate of an architect’s practice or building practice until the day of coming into force of this Law are entitled to continue an independent practice after expiry of the term of validity indicated in the certificate, if they conform to the requirements of this Law and provide the information to be included in the register of building specialists to the extent, within the time period and according to the procedures stipulated by the Cabinet.

In the cases specified in this Section, changes in a building design during the drawing up of a building design shall be co-ordinated with the building authority or an institution which performs the functions of a building authority. Public discussion need not be organised, if the territory in which the structure is intended has a valid detailed plan. Upon partial renewal, rebuilding, restoration or preservation of a structure, technical requirements of construction standards shall be applicable in respect of the part of the structure to be renewed, rebuilt, restored or preserved.


The construction board shall be placed within five days from the day of entering into effect of the construction permit. Contesting and appeal of such decisions shall not suspend their operation. Construction processes, which have been commenced until the day of coming into force of this Law, shall be completed in accordance with the procedures laid down in general construction regulations.

Construction Information System 1 The Construction Information System is a State system, which includes the information and documents necessary for the construction process and its control and ensures circulation of information among public administration, control institutions and participants of construction, as well as involvement of the public in the construction process. If a decision to suspend the construction work is not executed, the decision-taker may ensure the execution of such lbb by applying a substitute execution including by determining prohibitions in relation to an object or territory in which the object is located and other means of forced execution specified in the Administrative Procedure Law, as well as to decide on revocation of a construction permit and renewal of the previous condition.

Natural and legal persons who llbn the implementation of the rights of a building inspector shall be held liable according to the law. See Paragraphs 17 and 18 of Transitional Provisions]. The initiator of the construction shall sign the authorisation with a safe electronic signature or shall use the electronic means for identification and signature available for the electronic service.

Indoor Air Quality in Multi-Apartment Buildings before and after Renovation

Register of Construction Merchants 1 In order to perform commercial activity in one or several fields of construction, as well as in the field of architecture or electric energy, a merchant shall register with the Register of Construction Merchants, submitting information about all building specialists employed on the basis of an employment contract. It is not necessary to co-ordinate such derogations in construction documents with the State and local government institutions specified in Paragraph seven of this Section.

In the cases provided for in laws and regulations assessment of 21108 competence of a building specialists shall be repeated. The decisions taken by the institution may be appealed in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Administrative Procedure Law.

Būvniecības likums

Such measure shall be informative in nature. The building authority may take a decision on the permission to continue the construction work, if the circumstances referred to in Section 17, Lnn 2. The following shall be indicated in the publication:.