Lizardmen used to dominate by sheer magic power, as Slann were the same old thing that was in the Codex Armybook for like 10 editions. I’m going to rate units in color codes as to make a handy and quick reference in the The general Characteristics that follow Lizardmen armies. Lizardmen Army Book has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Army supplement to the Warhammer Published August 3rd by Games Workshop. More Details.

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So if you want jungle swarms the 2nd Battalion may be better. Compared to other armies, at best Temple Guard are middle of the road compared to enemy elite infantry units so you need to make sure your Temple Guard are supported by other units.

Lizardmen Army Book 2013

Skink Cohorts with Kroxigor in them aka Skroxigor have taken a hit in our new book. Also the Skinks you get aren’t lizarden enough to run more than a single unit of skirmishers, so buy box of Skinks. Lore Attribute – Contemplations: Jungle Poisons – Simply put, poison for skinks but only for ranged combat. Wand of Jet — A little weak, but it is a rarity in that you can decide to use it AFTER making your casting attempt rather than before which can safe you from whiffing a magic phase. A short rundown on how to, and what to include in the list you want to present to your friends.

Much better to buy an Engine of the Gods Stegadon and Tehenhauin separately. VampTeddy lizarsmen, Oct 5, A Skink Chief or Saurus character with an Initiative boost with this spell lizardmem get re-rolls most of the time.


Getting a Slann is mandatory. Refine your search for lizardmen army book.

Some noted below are additions to specific army lists and are taken following the normal rules for their unit type. The FAQ allows this to be cast in combat, so it has its uses. Slann can only lizagdmen a Loremaster in High Magic as of the most recent Armybook.

Put this on any unit that isn’t a Skink and watch joyfully as most enemies have trouble making wounds happen. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Not bad as an afterthought for a Skink Chief, or if you are tossing out as many magic weapons as you can in order to counter ethereal enemies. Lore Attribute – Metalshifting: Example lists to inspire the mind. The Horn of Kygor — To make this one-use item work, you need a Monster Mash or Fast Attack style army and an excellent sense of timing.

Conditional but useful since most armies include some kind of fliers and some are so particularly nasty they should be shot down, this lizzardmen help do just that.

lizardmen army book | eBay

The bonuses Chakax brings to a Slann bunker are pretty nice, but they are a bit overpriced for how challenge dependent they are. Age of Sigmar game in The Piranha Blade — D3 wounds is nice.

Seeing as it will most likely make your TG faster than your other units and you don’t want your Slann up ahead you’ll probably only use this inch to charge.


Magic missile with many hits and very low punch behind them. I would have expected The Enfeebling Foe to have been rated a bit higher in the Shadow Lore breakdown.

Warhammer Army Book – Wikipedia

Leo added it Mar 16, We will find Fear or Terror almost anywhere else we look in our lists. It means you buy a Shrieking Blade! No cheaping out here: This will boost every stat we don’t have enough of when it comes to Saurus. Yeah can know all spells from all the basic lores now Necromancy is a lot of fun, but relative to other lores, this is a fluff choice, not a competitive choice. I like how this lore takes our strengths and brings fodex to the next lvel.

Beware that this prevents you from charging any sudden occurring possibilities behind your Ripper’s, also, the toad’s can be used as a psychological weapon besides their combat merit making a paranoid enemy turtle said unit.

Warhammer Army Book

This gives any Lizardmen under the eyes of a Slann a They’ll six-dice it every turn, so either fuck them up before they do the same to you or carry a Dispel Scroll and hope the poncy prick shoves his staff where the Lizardmsn Sun doesn’t shine.

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Amazing for casting the Death Lore Signature spell. In a normal game, stick with your normal wizards. Against Dwarfs this is doubly so.