Mario Puzo describes the Borgias as the original mafia family. . The Borgias me quedé fascinada con la época renacentista y con los miembros de esta familia. The Family is a novel written by Mario Puzo. The novel is about Pope Alexander VI and Pope Alexander VI (formerly Rodrigo Borgia) believes God will ultimately forgive his many sins simply because, as pope, he is infallible and divine. The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions (); Inside Las Vegas (). Los Borgia by Mario Puzo, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat After the war, he wrote his first book, The Dark Arena, which was published in As a government clerk with five children, he was looking to write something that would appeal to the masses.

View all 4 comments. It makes reading about them dirty and delicious. He clearly put a lot of love into “The Family”. She just spent a lot of time being a damsel and standing in as this angel for Cesare and Rodrigo, and For if we honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished-but if we falter in that loyalty we will all be condemned.

The Family

The story, if one can call this narrative a ‘story’, is This book had the makings of something special. The Family is effectively his last novel. Lucrezia lost her virginity to her brother Cesare when she was only thirteen, and the two have loved only each other ever since. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It ends with Lucretzia surviving the deaths in order of Juan, Alexander, and Jofre.


I felt the writing really antique, and the plot didn’t catch my attention. But no matter; the result is the same.

In the beginning, the book fulfilled all it promised the reader it would be. Lo que nos cuenta.

Los Borgia : Mario Puzo :

I cried, I sighed, I got mad, I gasped Cesare Borgia was borderline sociopathic; he loved no one but his sister. Her adultery was either not mentioned or glossed over, unless it was with Cesare. I know this family was all about crime and lies, but by the way Puzo tells their story you cannot but love them.

The most astonishing thing is that after a whole series of popes who conducted their papacies with flagrant criminality, half of Europe still fought to support the institution of papal dominance and infallibility. He loves his children, specially Lucretia and Giovanni, who seems to be his weak point.

Puzo makes him more of a bad boy than a monster.

I know that this isn’t meant to be highfalutin but for what it is, The Family is a pretty fun read especially for badass pope junky like me. Instead, I became desperate to put the book down. Puzo’s swan song may not be his finest work, but it is a robust, passionate love letter to a land, a history, and a culture that defined him as a writer and a man. Saga of a family which included the election of a Pope [s].

The Family (Puzo novel) – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Puzo’s opinion, Cesare was ‘a patriot who decided marik become a hero’ and he did have his many impressive victories during his life time to show for his talents although I don’t think his character manage to standout as much as his father. To view Cesare in the morals of our own period, as is often done, is wrong and ignores everything that makes Cesare great and the Prince Niccolo Machiavelli wrote about.


He loves and hates with the same intensity. Many of his books draw heavily on this heritage.

The Family is an energetic novel, filled with enthusiasm and affection for the subject matter and the characters. For some reason I couldn’t get by the fact of the children, Lucrezia and Cesare, marioo a love affair.

Los Borgia

A story set in the 15 century about the Pope Alexander IV and his family. To view it, click here. Su final tambien fue muy apresurado y no se siente como el final. A vrijeme je to i velikih povijesnih osoba poput Machiavellia, Leonarda da Vincija, Michelangela i sr.

A disappointing end to a beginning with so much spectacular potential. His descriptions didn’t give me the feeling of being there or knowing the characters; Puzo looked at the characters from an over-all viewpoint for decades, and didn’t seem able to immerse himself in the minute.

The characters were intricate and detailed, with the specific sort of nuances only Mario Puzo could provide, the nuances that made a reader invest in a character, love them, in spite of all their garish sins, something quite necessary when relating a tale about the infamous Borgia family.