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Promotion eligibility date PED The earliest date on which an officer who is recommended and selected may be promoted to the next higher arr. Only those determined by the Board to be fully qualified for continuation will be s o recommended. Agricultural Market Development Plan Introduction. Photograph for Military Personnel Files. As a minimum, the following forms and 73-104-3 will be required from all applicants: See table below.

Duty hours should not exceed a normal eight hour working day, except where short term mission requirements dictate. They must be on leave for the duration of the state mission. AR Army Forces Training. However, soldiers who earn the privilege may be granted a special pass IAW AR 6 3 0 – 5paragraph Section I I Procedures Submission of applications In addition to the provisions of AR paragraph the following requirements apply: Any of the following documents may be used: Records of applicants will be screened by the AGR Management Section prior to submission to the selection board.


Speciality substi- tution is authorizedappendix E. Do you have a question about Army regulation? Submit your question and AskTOP!

The Active Guard/ Reserve (AGR)

Requests from Adjutants General to retain AGR 37104-3 beyond 20 years of Active Federal Service AFS for officers and warrant officers or enlisted soldiers’ mandatory release date in Table 5 – 1will comply with the following requirements. Do you 37104-3 a question about Army doctrine? Glossary 20 February Chapter 1 Introduction Purpose a. Command and leadership assignments are vital to providing leadership experience for AGR soldiers.

The Command and Leadership Program is not intended to provide full-time commanders or leaders for units. Waiver of physical exam requirements in paragraph a will be considered by NGB-ARS on a case-by-case basis only in unique circumstances.

You’ve come to the right place. This may be waived by The Adjutant General if a senior enlisted, female, or minority member is not reasonably available b. Reassign enlisted soldiers within a unit when the reassignment does not involve a change of duty station using DA Form Personnel Action. This regulation does not contain information that affects the New Manning System.


The MOI will include the composition, administrative support, and Adjutants General guidance on the conduct of the Board. Other than personal appearances by applicants for the purpose of interviewing, the selection board will conduct all proceedings in closed session. Applicants being considered are assumed to meet the minimum eligibility criteria on the basis of initial AGR Management Section screening.

AR 37-104-4 Military Pay and Allowances Policy

The OML is used to select the next best qualified soldier when the best qualified as determined by the soldier, selection board, becomes disqualified for initial entry on FTNGD. Use format for subsequent periods of duty.

Impact on New Manning System. At beyond a reasonable commuting distance, requiring PCS according to the Joint Federal Travel Regulations, is not authorized during my stabilized 1 tour of duty, except as provided in paragraph g l or 2 of this cerW tificate. See paragraph 1 – l b. Pregnancy testing for female soldiers will be accomplished 30 days prior to initial entry.