Embora o código de Urukagina seja anterior ao código de Ur-Nammu e de Hamurabi, o corpo de lei existente mais antigo é o de Ur-Nammu, fundador da. El Código de Ur-Nammu es un código de leyes fechado entre los años y a. C., durante el reinado de Ur-Nammu de Ur ( – a. C.), quien es.

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His main ve was state-building, and Ur-Nammu is chiefly remembered today for his legal codethe Code of Ur-Nammuthe oldest known surviving example in the world.

Year-names are known for 17 of Ur-Nammu’s 18 years, but their order is uncertain. One year-name of his reign records the devastation of Gutium, while two years seem to commemorate his legal reforms: Among his military exploits were the conquest of Lagash and the defeat of his former masters at Uruk.


He was eventually recognized as a significant regional ruler of Ur, Eriduand Uruk at a coronation in Nippurand coigo believed to have constructed buildings at Nippur, LarsaKishAdaband Umma. He was known for restoring the roads and general order after the Gutian period.

Ur Nammu was also responsible nammmu ordering the construction of a number of stepped temples, called ziggurats, including the Great Ziggurat of Ur.

He was succeeded by his son Shulgiafter an year reign.

Codi d’Ur-Nammu

His death on the battle-field against the Gutians after he had been abandoned by his army was commemorated in a long Sumerian poetic composition. Ina shattered nine-foot tall limestone pillar was discovered in Mesopotamia.

Under the remote supervision of Leonard Woolleyit was reconstructed by the Penn Museum. InJeanny Canby determined that it had been pieced back incorrectly. She removed the plaster filler of the stele, and added the rearranged pieces she found in the museum’s storeroom, and discovered the figure of a courtesan embracing a deity.


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