el aliento de mi ser lldm pdf cantos. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for el aliento de mi ser lldm pdf cantos. Will be grateful for any. Berea International USA. 99K likes. Berea Int. USA is a platform dedicated to the task of publishing all official content of the activities of The Light. De otra forma, los apóstoles podrían ser adorados como el mismo Dios o como ¿Qué de Dios pueden tener frases como “el aliento de mi ser, eres apóstol”.

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If you are an LLDM member and you reading this and you are feeling the most angry you have every felt. God’s Crew” script to be presented to Michael Moore for review. The United Nations IHRC never did complain about their xe we had, and their telephone number we posted to find authority that would return calls.

And no, your freedom of speech does not extend to literal social security numbers that you left inside of your document and then posted it online for everyone to see. Special Coverage of the Holy Convocation via www. Withabee was considered a “credible” character witness because the little bitch played me for 18 months, and lived long enough to a “good faith basis” law enforcement has used to characterize me alientk being bat shit crazy.

And who ever decides to do this will also be welcomed to a chat where there is a greater range of trust. This makes reading and moderating much easier.

The information is out there on the internet, it is just up to the members if they choose to believe it or choose to stay spiritual slaves to Naason.

LLDM Atlanta – Iglesia Del Dios Vivo, Columna Y Apoyo De La Verdad

From childhood, I was told that there was this man in Mexico who talked to god and that all of the good things I had in my life were because he would pray for me. Scornful resistance makes us wonder if withabee needs further counselling, rather than her hurtful accusations to der enforcement about others’ “mental deficiencies”.


One year he made a bunch of bread for the holy supper they were having in Australia laiento year. The three girls who contacted me asking for help because they were all sexually assaulted by Naason were all your age too.

An error occurred.

Your truthfulness, credibility, and reliability have been disparaged by your own vindictive behavior in my efforts to simply find the truth on behalf of other cult rape victims, not you lil’ whore. We are trying to reach out to the Governors of every state and to the embassies across the states that represent most llldm American countries.

Withabee will write a thread about this to invite those of you who would. La Luz Del Mundo Church. Go back to posting im http: Your irresponsibility is going to get someone hurt.

Tu tiempo ha llegado – Gamadeos LLDM | Tutorial Piano

Our special guest left impressed with the greatness of I was taught that if you rebel against Samuel, you are rebelling against God. I don’t care if you have law enforcement in your back pocket, no one, ml lawyers, has the right to suborn perjury. Principles and Values, WeAreOne.

Bitching at each other on cult victim websites has not done a bit of good. If you are wanting to be interviewed, the investigator needs the following: The Alisnto is well informed of this case.

And they even gave me their names and people who know them in real life and heard their stories in person are a part of this forum and can talk to you more about it. I think we’re going to make a Whatsapp group so being able to make anonymous numbers is awesome!

I would gladly turn away and forgive and forget but this is getting out of control and it would me imprudent and stupid and evil to turn away and pretend like nothing is going on. You can buy cheap burner phones at WalMart with cash and use that phone number for contacting us if you are concerned that someone could take your current phone.


No one would call themselves this, in fact, they would probably take it as an insult but that what they were.

Now, you don’t even show up for subpoenaed depositions, and Judges still refuse to sign “Contempt of Court” Orders to throw your ass into jail for a “pink suit” Facebook Live deposition, sponsored by Leah Remini’s crew.

December 26 at 7: December 29 at 4: I live 10 miles from an Indian Guru’s compound who fled the country after being released on bail after he aliehto convicted of several counts of aggravated sexual assault of church members.

Defending my own truthfulness is allowed through exculpatory evidence of your former “in the closet” sworn testimony denials when you lied to the FBI a felony responding to my call to them in reporting your third generational family cult’s “on-going criminal activities” to law enforcement, doing what you encouraged me to do: You seem to now want to exclude fellow advocate “outsiders” who are not former members, despite us putting you, and your family’s cult, on the legal world’s map.

They’re all pieces of shit who make money off of our free will and our lives. It’s a Federal crime. I have been in training since April 16th and returned to work today, May 8th. You soiled my reputation with law enforcement calling me bat shit crazy for claiming what you spent 18 months telling me about, but forgetting to tell me you’re a lesbian.

We have a team of ex Ministers, investigators, attorneys and exlldm victims working on it.