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List of Arabic Newspapers

Riyadi was crowned Champion of Lebanon in the seasons of: The Champs won the Lebanese Cup three times and that was in, andkeeping in mind that this aal was not held every year. Thus the Club qualified to the Asian Basketball Championship that took place in Malaysia in the same year.

Riyadi was able to win the Bronze Medal through a powerful and thrilling performance by the yellow players. This was the first time, ever, that a Lebanese team finishes in the top 3 positions in Asia’s Championship. Riyadi is also the only team to be crowned Champion of the Arabs for 5 times of which 4 were in a row.

الخبر الرياضي

Riyadi clinched and preserved the title while competing with the best teams in the Arab worlds and was crowned Champion of the Arabs in in Dubai, in in Rabat, in in Jaddah, and in in Beirut. Riyadi has also won Housameddine Hariri RIP International Tournament ten times in,,and In this recurring annual tournament, Riyadi competed against some of the strongest teams in the Arabic world.

As for Asia, Riyadi was crowned Champion of Asia in and InRiyadi defeated the strongest teams in the continent, including Mahram from Iran in the final game. Riyadi has also clinched Damascus International Tournament cup in after overcoming some of the best Arab teams in the region.

The Lebanese heroes scored 6 wins in 6 very tough and competitive games, and collected most of the tournament’s prizes.

A year later inRiyadi preserved the title by scoring a historical 45 point win over Fast Link of Jordan in the semi-final and a 20 pt win over the Egyptian Al Jazeera in the final. The team broke a record by winning 25 times in 25 games, to become the first team in the recent Lebanese Basketball History to win the championship without any loss!

In the final game, Al Riyadi smashed Sagesse in Manara by 40 ptsand ended the series a by clean sweep of Few days after they were crowned undefeated champions of Lebanon for the season rlyadi, Al-Riyadi team headed to Dubai, UAE and participated in Hamdan Ben Rashed Tournament which was held during the month of May This cup is very valuable as it is the first time that Riyadi wins the Arabic championship.

This tournament showed the first loss for Riyadi in more than days, against the Fast Link in the second round, however, Riyadi who managed to revenge in the final, will enjoy its 66 straight wins and no losses mouth dropping record for a very long time! With that win, Riyadi would have successfully finished the season kabar winning 6 out of 6 tournaments Damascus tournament, Hariri tournament, Rashed Riadi Maktoum tournament, Lebanese Championship, Hamdan Ben Rashed tournament, and finally the Pan Arab tournament.

The team continued its success in the season and broke yet another Lebanese championship record by stretching its winning streak to 44 wins without any loss in almost 2 years; 23 months to be exact, ever since the season when Riyadi lost to Blue Stars on April 7, Al Riyadi swept off Sagesse in riyaei final with the first game ending with 23 pts difference, the second with 29 pts difference, and the 3rd with 22 pts difference.


Also inon April 22nd to be exact, the team and for the first time in its history won the Lebanese Cup after easily beating Sagesse in the final which was held in the Sports City, to clinch the doublet of Lebanese Cups and strengthens its position as the strongest team on the Lebanese soil.

Finally, none khqbar the Arab teams was strong enough to steal the Champion of the Arabs title from Riyadi riyaci as they all ell one after another when they had to face the Yellow Giant in the Pan Arab Cup held in Morocco. With that achievement, Riyadi now has 2 Pan Arab Cups under its belt. Sure enough, the Lebanese heroes were up to the challenge and brought the cup back to Lebanon after beating the Egyptian National Team in the final game riyado InRiyadi’s dream team continued its success by preserving the cups of both the Lebanese Championship and the Lebanese Cup khhabar a flawless season where the team did rjyadi incure any loss and was able to beat Blue Stars twice in each of the final games of the two tournaments.

Ace Custis, who signed with Riyadi for the finals period, helped the team along with the second import and Captain of the team, Ismail Ahmad.

However, and just fot the record, the star of the final series was Rami Akiki who replaced the injured Ali Mahmoud in the first two games and shined from behind the arc scoring 7 threes in the first game and 5 threes in the second one, and helped his team advance in the final series against the Blues.

Right before the kick off of the season, Riyadi claimed Housameddine Hariri tournament the 17th in Saida by beating Al Ahli Egypt This tournament introduced Kenny Satterfield as Riyadi’s new import player for riyasi season. Ismail Ahmad claimed the MVP title of the tournament. The version was quiet different this time. Riyadi introduced for the first time in many years, the Lebanese Tiger Fadi Al Khabaar, on their main roster. Khatib, who started his basketball career with Riyadi in his youth, joined his maternal club and assisted the team in claiming the title of Dubai International tournament after beating the strongest teams in the region one after the other, all by overcoming Zain Jordan in the final game by 2 pts Khatib signed with Riyadi after the deadline of signing Lebanese players, which means that he will be able to participate with the champions of Lebanon in international tournaments only and not in the Lebanese championship for the season.

Khatib claimed the MVP title of the tournament, Vogel was the best center, Captain Ismail Ahmad was the best rebounder, and Hasan Shaker was honored with the best administrator. In April ofRiyadi knocked Sagesse out of the Lebanese Cup championship in the semi-final game and then sweeped Champville off in the final game by 26 pts Abou Chakra won this tournament four times: With that win, Riyadi was the undefeated holdeR of the Lebanese Cup for three years in a row.

List of Arabic Newspapers | Modern Standard Arabic

In JuneRiyadi and Mouttahid met for the first time in the finals of the Lebanese Championship for the season. Riyadi had qualified to the final series after overcoming Blue Starsand Mouttahid reached it by knocking out Sagesse Fouad Abou Chakra’s men were up to the zl in Manara in game one and scored an easy win Mouttahid scored a suprise in game fl in Tripoli and equlizing the secore. Game 3 in Manara was a piece of cake of the Champs, and game four kuabar Tripoli was the night when the Champs ended the series by beating Mouttahid and were crowned Champions of Lebanon for the 4th time in a row, and the 20th time in the club’s history Riyadi, undefeated, faced Sala from Morocco in the final game and scored a win in over-time which crowned the Yellows as Champions of the tournament for the 10th time in history.


Despite all the attempts “outside of the court” to prohibit Riyadi from winning the Lebanese Basketball Championship, our Heroes were stronger than others wished for, and the team knocked out Sagesse from the Semi Final and beat Mouttahid in riydi Finals to be crowned as the Kings of the Lebanese Basketball for the 5th time in a row, in the absense of 2 key players.

Calaméo – الخبر الرياضي

In Mayand just a few days after being crowned champions of Lebanon for the 21st time, Riyadi hosted the Pan Arab Cup championship in Beirut. The Arab tournament which was named after the late Lebanese martyr PM Rafik Hariri, was a strong one, where some of the strongest Arabic teams were ready to win the Championship.

The two teams representing Lebanon, Riyadi and Sagesse, met in the final game. Riyadi was aiming to win the prestegious title for the 4th time a record while Sagesse was hoping for a 3rd title.

Once again, Riyadi proved to be the strongest team in the Arab world and knocked out Sagesse and claimed the cup and title of the tournament. Our Heroes were crowned Champions of Lebanon for the 6th time in a row, after beating the all star Champville in the final after a tough season.

The Arab Championship was held in Alexandria, Egypt with the participation of some of the best Arabic teams around. Our Lebanese team finished third for the third time in its 4 participations in this tournament after losing to Mahram from Iran in the semi-final and then beating Applied E of Jordan The game was scheduled to be riadi on neutral territory at the Jordanian capital of Amman.

Riyadi, thus became the No. They had also won the title in when Jordan were the hosts.

As for the the Lebanese Basketball championship season, it was not an easy one, yet Riyadi still prevailed and was able to achieve its 7th Lebanese Championship title in a khabzr also in May Fouad Abou Chakra became the only coach in Lebanon to win that title 7 times consequently!

Mahram was hoping to clinch its 3rd consecutive Asian Championship title, however, Al Riyadi had a different plan, and the Lebanese Champions ended the game and thus were crowned Champions of Asia for the first time ever! Fadi Al Khatib was the best scorer in the game with 41 points, followed by Jean Abdelnour with 21 pts. Mahram from Iran finished second in the tournament, while Al Khabsr from Qatar was ranked 3rd. This was also the first khqbar that Coach Fouad Abou Chakra wins this very prestigious tournament.