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Among the regions of the North, the worst performance is found in Piedmont, with expenditure that is 5.

Specifiche tecniche del formato fattura-versione 1.1

So the capital deficit rose to 56, million euros vs. In fact, inthese funds had to paymillion benefitsmillion euros inbut they receivedmillion euros’ worth of contributionsmillion euros inwith a ratio of contributions to benefits of All workers are assumed to join the complementary system as of January so as to obtain homogeneous calculations, except for the subjects born in and inwho will join as of January and of January respectively, that is when they start working.

Allegati element NomeAttachment Ref. Data del DM di approvazione The accounting equilibrium rate of this fund has therefore a relative effect on the operating results that is 2. Lombardy ranks among the most virtuous regions with 1 annuity out of 45 thousand inhabitants, followed by Lazio 26 thousand and Emilia Romagna 25 thousand ; the least virtuous are Molise with 1 annuity out of 3, inhabitants and Sardinia about 5, The maximum number of councillors who then retire is set according to the Statutes of the Regions, on the basis of the levels provided for under a Law Decree of and according to the population.


The other complex type fields DatiAnagraficiCedenteType are: Here at Cyclocross Magazine, we enjoy hooking you up with offers that will save you some cha-ching.

For public university professors annual average pension equal to about 65, euros particular rules apply to take into account their periods of full-time work or with temporary contracts; then there are specific provisions linked to the type of career they had researcher and assistant, first or second level faculty as to their retirement age and the possibility for them to go on working if they have not fulfilled all their retirement requirements.

Covering fishing, boating, hunting, and conservation.

The pension balance contribution revenues minus pension benefits net of GIAS is expected to be billion in and billion in vs billion in The positive trend of this indicator is expected to continue for the funds of professionals and of atypical workers. The other funds have a lower ratio, in particular doctors ENPAM whose average pension is almost in line with the average contribution 1.

Want to save money on the magazine cover price? Analysis Date Data on the invoice with which the document in question is associated. No data allowed’No modification allowed readonly data No data to read. According to RGS, the overall expenditure on long term care services for elderly subjects, considering all kinds of disabilities, except for the ones covered by Inail, plus part of health expenditure equal to 1. Invalid character reference Invalid character reference error. A positive difference between these two rates means a negative balance; instead if the actual contribution rate is higher than the theoretical equilibrium rate, the balance is positive.

All this has created a gap between the north and the south, especially in southern regions in terms of development and employment, but it also led to blending together the kodello and pension domains which is detrimental to Italy with respect to its European partners.

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Analysis | #totalhash

moeello In Kodello, only White drum shade with peek a boo top and bottom trim. In Italy produced their first modern military rifle replacing the Vetterli with a 6. Another interesting finding Tables 7. When we speak of N occurrences we mean that its fields are repeated in each row of detail in the document. In this case too, it would be better to compare benefits of the same type: However, the original institutional mission of this Institute centred on the protection of employees in case of accidents at work and occupational diseases, has been extended to an increasing number of workers, in mpdello with the social and economic development of the country; today, in fact, this insurance also covers self-employed workers, temporary workers, partners, atypical workers and other categories including “housewives” and students from vocational schools.

Specifiche tecniche del formato fattura-versione –

These subjects are entitled to a seniority pension according to the following rules: However, budgetary constraints and political and trade union conflicts on the new measures to be adopted resulted in a series of restrictions in terms of duration and applicability in view of a general reform of the social safety net”.

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For the funds, the expenditure was equal to 4, million euros, up by 3. Invalid Attribute Declaration error.


In this connection, a difficult analysis has been conducted on the accounts of the abovementioned entities and institutions so as to provide an exhaustive overview of the system in Italy see Table 7. Under the provisions of the early s, many funds of solidarity have been gradually set up within INPS” on the basis of articulate and substantially similar collective agreements.

In the case in which mldello contributions are payable, the following fields must be entered: All the costs of these benefits are financed by an ordinary contribution, generally 0.