Eyebags & Dimplesis Bonnie’s shockingly naked account of how her depression almost robbed her of her shine and how she continues to fight this darkness. Eyebags and Dimples [Bonnie Henna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this beautifully written work, Bonnie Henna makes a remarkable. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Bonnie’s bravery and vulnerability exemplify the kind of new Eyebags & Dimples: An Autobiography Kindle Edition. by Bonnie.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Thanks to this diagnosis, Bonnie began the painful climb back to a life of health and mental stability. This is the candid account of her new life trek. Paperbackpages. Published April 1st by Jacana Media first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. One of the things that make autobiographies stand out from memoirs and biographies is that subjects are expected to reveal all. Bonnie Henna is well known for being a child star back in the days as a TV presenter and a well established actress.

From the age of 13 years she managed to pull a happy face on wyebags TV screens as if all was well back home even though she came from a very troubled and unhappy household. But all was actually not well. She dimplss always been followed by darkness right from her childhood up to her adult life. What I am trying to say is that it is not quite common to find TV stars moving from doing their TV work to writing their stories in such a compelling manner and with such ease.

Having endured the most heart wrenching and depressing period of your life, how do you then own your story and move forward peacefully when you finally find out what the problem is? The way her mother treated her an a child is horrifying and one gets the feeling when she wrote certain parts if not the entire book of the book she was in absolute dimpels.

The stories of abused children are quite common in our societies and even though one is vividly aware of such stories Bonnie Henna’s story will still make you shudder with utter horror. The experience is profoundly excruciating. Apr 12, Smangele Belebesi rated it really liked it. My opinion is that as much as we are shaped by qnd our parents are, at some point you need to make a decision to be better or to do better. I’m glad she found her happiness in her pills and is now on the right path but there is a lot i don’t agree with in this book, like how do you move to LA without a proper plan on how you will survive.

I can admire her braveness on doing that but having a solid plan is also a good thing? I can only imagine how her moms feels about this book Well written book. I can only imagine how her moms feels about this book and how she was portrayed because I’m sure she has her own ideas on why she was the way she was.


Where do I start? I cried reading parts of this book, probably because I saw myself in parts of her journey. I’ve taken so many lessons from Bonnie’s story, and thankful that she was able to write and share it with us.

Actress Bonnie Henna Reveals the Eyebags & Dimples Behind Her Glamorous Life | Jacana

Depression exists, it is real and capable of stealing so much out of one’s life, even life itself. Nad such a book is important, at least for me. May we unlearn the myths we’ve accumulated about mental health. May we be gentle with ourselves and others. May we seek help w Shu!

May we seek help when we can, and offer help where possible. May we be kind with our words to ourselves and others. Mar 21, Zakithi rated it it was ok. I read the book by accident. It was an okay read. I enjoyed reading about the relationship she had with her mother and the beginnings of the relationship with her husband. I was mildly irriated by eyevags over explanation of the township life or some of the black references.

This really is a beautifully written book. I’m not much of an autobiography reader, most seem too boring and forced to me It really is amazing to know that she wrote this herself I mean, how brilliant is it that people are multi talented in life!

Her life story well, up to the point she writes the book is marred with a lot of sadness. Although I don’t think that her life was completely sad and I’m glad this is not th This really is a beautifully written book.

Although I don’t think that her life was completely sad and I’m glad this is not the case Most of us remember our childhood with fondness and love, but Bonnie endured so much and dealt with too much at too young an age. When she was auditioning for tv shows, I was outside skipping rope or something equally un impressing and yet I would never trade it for anything!

Her adult life did not seem to want to give her a break either But what I love the most about how she wrote the book, is that it tells me a lot about her spirit.

She loved, she endured hardship, she had some happiness and she continues in the struggle that is life She has a good head on her shoulder, is anchored through her spiritual beliefs and still has hope for a good future Live on Bonnie, keep that beautiful dimpled head up and when it gets too much as it sometimes does in this things called life Dec 17, Lorraine rated it really liked it.

As a story, the book is well written, quirky and it chronicles Bonnie’s journey excellently. She snd crossed paths with a lot of famous people. Unlike Zozo, I don’t think the Jojo incident was a cheap shot. After all, I gave him my t-shirt one year at a concert actually, I took it off and threw it towards the stage!! I am not getting the depression angle. I feel that children learn what they live and one’s self-image is shaped by the environment, culture and all those external factors.

F As a story, the book is well written, quirky and it chronicles Bonnie’s dimple excellently. Fortunately, us humans have “WILL pOWER” which is shaped by our cognitive state, emotional state, spiritual strength, or lack thereof, and our physical self.

We have the power to choose which teachings dimpless our past we want to take with us into our future. Having grown up in similar circumstances, though I had a mother who maintained a positive self-imageI refused, from an early age, to let my father’s psychotic tendencies become my self-fulfilling prophecy.


I found Bonnie to be a self-indulged individual and her diva-tendencies were typical Lindsay Lohan-like “the world owes me a living”. Ehebags feel that she lacked coping mechanisms and would slip in a catatonic state when things eebags go her way. The trip to LA wasn’t thought through. It was instinctive rather than strategic. It is easy to be noticed in the SA entertainment industry, after all, there’s only about 50 million of us.

Eyebags and Dimples – Bonnie Henna – Google Books

I am glad though that she is functioning well and living her life as a whole person. At times we will feel moribund, and dimles a strong sense of self will fuel us.

May 24, Tumelo Moleleki rated it really liked it. I like the casual way she wrote book and I guess I understand who she was then when I found her to be uppity as media portrayed her.

But I also found that I could not dislike her because there was just something about her that defied not liking her.

I realise that as brave as her life anx, she has weak emotional maturity if there’s such a thing.

Eyebags & Dimples

She shows impressive understanding of her motives and feelings about situations but she is still crutching on her childhood suffering. I can relate to I like the casual way she dimplee book and I guess I understand who she was then when I found her to be uppity as media portrayed her.

I can relate to that annd I find it hard to let go of some hurtful words said to me while I was younger and things done to me. I can logically explain them to myself but my heart won’t let go of the pain. I hope she will heal and get off the meds. Cudos to Bonnie for an honest account of the events that shaped ryebags life and who she is.

Congratulations on motherhood and best of luck. I know she hosts some show with Bonang and some other lady whose name I don’t eyebaggs how to spell but I am not aware of anything else.

I did see some article about a divorce but I never read it. I am sure a lot has happened since this account. Jan 08, Zozo Mogoera rated it really liked it.

Read in two sittings. The book very well written. A lot of name dropping, I wish she had not included the Jojo story, cheap feel. I don’t get the flu incidents, think they did not add value. I am not sure i am convinced about the extent of depression. I think her upbringing is very similar to the majority of black girls in the location who grew up around that time and have been robbed of affection from mo Read in two sittings.

I think her upbringing is very similar to the majority ajd black girls in the location who grew up around that time and have been robbed of affection from mothers who were trying to eyebavs ends meet.