Originally posted by: Hi, a quick question, I’ve noticed there appears to exist a FHTB II thermostat. The only thing I find on the. Jan. Hi, I’ve run into the issue with FHTB I’ve configured it in IP-Symcon and I’ve implemented the heating logic (for electrical heating using SU. FHT 80b & FHT 8V Combo Set Owner’s Manual Size: ( MB), All the information needed Works with additional FHT80TF-2 Window Contacts for automatic.

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I’m a little unsure about exactly which to buy, however. But FHT80B’s main purpose is to control the room temperature using the radiator and is not usable as stand alone temperature sensor. The ventilation system only has 4 settings: Therefore, one is well-advised if one gives the basic parametres in the FHT. The advantage of the 80B is that it is 2 way; the 8 being just one way sending.

Or is there some 80b2- setting that can activate this when desired?

In return, I get a display and a button to set temperature also directly in a room. Many thanks getting very excited from the goodies and toysDave. The quote was selected randomly.

I’m not sure if I am able to make this understandable. A lot more possibilities, I didn’t even know about I will send an email to Conrad. Strangely, if the communication aborts which happens quite oftenthen further slots in the buffer are allocated, I am not sure what happens if the buffer is full and the communication aborts.


Or is there some other device I need to buy? I’m wondering which is best for the valves By the way, why are you using your own heating algorithm. Datails for the technically inclined, not for manager: But I have had to do that only once in a several months now. Best regards, Olaf On 28 Mai, Anyway, yes, fhem can handle the FHT80b, however, since the fht80b is a wireless device and doesn’t have a serial port or anything like thatyou will also need either a CUL device from busware or an FHZPC or FHZPC where the later one can also receive data from some additional devices like the KS weather station.

It appears they are compatible with FS20? Will the cheaper FHT 8 still work with the boiler interlock?

FHT 80b Wall Thermostat

This is not optimal, as the FHT only accepts a command, when the final ack for the whole chain was sent. 80-2 only known the FHT family.

The FHT 80 on the other hand allows two way communication hence it being a little more expensive and absolutely the right choice if you want to do funky stuff with FHEM etc.


However, nevertheless, basically a transference of the FHT functions to the valve, or? So caution is necessary in communicating with the FHT80b. I guess I can place those anywhere I want seen the odd way I ft my piping system.

I use 7 FHT in my house now and if you ‘leave them alone’ and only occasionaly send ffht to them they operate quite well. This is true even if the softbuffer is on.

FHT 80B-2 not working with IP-Symcon

Many times it will then update itself properly. I own a 8W to control my city heating valve and this works quite well. Actual temperature will be logged, etc There’s no actual temperature reading coming from FHT for several hours. Beyond that, you need a running FHEM device, in order to have a continuous log of your data in any way.

80bb-2 have the choice here: I do not need to decouple this heating from a PC.

Any help for me? New announcing uninstall to the Zentale or one and again instal in IPSymcon could help. Unfortunately, the communication with the FHT80b is not always reliable.