This Modern Guitar Method Supplement (formerly of the Frank Vignola Play- Along Series) contains solos which have been written and recorded over blues and. This one with Frank Vignola. -method/ This is perfect for me as I am an intermediate player. Frank Vignola Modern Method It is early to late intermediate. Doesn’t cover jazz specifically but there is a lot of stuff there that would interest a.

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Online guitar course | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Modern Method for Guitar Modern Method is mefhod more than a guitar course–as the name implies, it’s a completely modern new method for playing the guitar. Although Modern Method has been created by one of the great jazz guitarists of our time, the techniques Frank Vigola shares here are highly applicable to any style of guitar playing.

The principles and concepts work as well for rock and metal as they do for the most complex jazz. If you are already a fan of Vignola’s other courses for TrueFire, studying his Modern Method will connect all the dots for you. Vignola shares the techniques and exercises he has refined over 10 years of teaching private lessons.


He also lets you in on how he develops and maintains his staggering technique, and shows you how to build yours. Vignola also discusses his music philosophy as it applies to the art of improvisation–which is at the core of his method. It has allowed me to learn so much about scales and theory that I never thought I would learn. The course is also amazing value for money given the detail and the size of the handbook. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to really hone their understanding of how the fretboard works.

You’ll emerge modedn the other side with a profound new understanding of your instrument that will blast your playing to new heights. Frank Vignola is no slouch and you won’t be either by the time you are finished with Modern Method. To say mwthod guitar lessons are thorough is an understatement, yet Vignola has created super-engaging jam tracks that get you turning technique into music from the get-go.

He’s also recorded a series of “play-along” tracks that will enable you to literally jam with him — he plays a section and then gives you space to respond.

Expect to play franj major scale vertically and horizontally, in all 12 keys. Expect to cover the minor tonalities — natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor and dorian, for example.

You’ll also explore dominant tonalities from super locrian to diminished, and discover how they all relate to the dominant chord. He also teaches you over ways to play mfthod, horizontally and vertically, and provides picking techniques and finger control exercises to make it all begin to flow more easily.

Vignola’s Modern Method also includes the entire Inversion Excursion e-Book featuring 62 sets of inversions, across all chord types and all string groups – PDF pages of charts illustrate all 62 sets, in all 12 keys see example chart providing a handy reference for over 2, Root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion and 3rd inversion chords. Harmony is covered in depth as Vignola guides you through exploring intervals as they relate to each of the 12 scales. Learn to harmonize in thirds, seconds, fourths and to harmonize melodies, and apply chord voicings to chord melodies.


Plenty of charts are provided so you can see what you’re learning visually, as well, and have easy access to clear references. In addition, you’ll learn all the common chord progressions you need to play most songs, and you will spend a lot of time improvising over these progressions and interacting directly with Vignola via video. This course has opened up new avenues for me, and has helped me to improve not only in the area of music theory, but also in that of application. Frank has a very inviting style of presentation.

He is easy to understand, and tells you exactly what you need to do in order to practice purposefully. The included charts and jam tracks alone are worth the cost of the course. If you are a beginning or intermediate guitar player, you will definitely gain something by taking this course.

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