by. Jeremy Silman. · Rating details · ratings · 42 reviews. How to Reassess Your Chess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked. The Reassess Your Chess Workbook; Jeremy Silman; pages; Siles Press, The definitive answer to my title line would be welcomed. The snarky side of my mind says the reason there are x editions of the book is Silman wants to make money. This is not evil, but really you only need one of the .

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Just start with the basic ones. It was a joy to work throu Wow! If you have an isolated pawn, without compensation, try to exchange all the jsremy and queens. Am lookin forward to the 5th Ed.

I have and like his endgame book. Is there another book you would recommend reading instead? I’ll keep the other suggestions in mind in case I actually enjoy reading my first chess book.

How to Reassess Your Chess: The Complete Chess Mastery Course

What USCF rating level do you think it would be most bow for? The only one that I like sulman is another book by this same author, The Amateur’s Mind: However, it’s proven a very useful guide to understanding common themes of chess and why we think the we think over the board His output ranges from technical theoretical works to jsremy for the beginner and average player.

Silman does claim that he completely rewrote the book knowing that of the dozen or so books he’s written, this is the one that will be around when he’s long gone: After absorbing this bit of swill from your chess guru, bide your time and watch closely when he actually loses This is a big part of the book – So what the position tells you, not what it suits you best.


In clear, direct language, Silman shows how to dissect a position, recognize its individual parts and ultimately find the move that conforms to the needs of that particular situation. Post your best miniatures here stiggling 7 min ago.

This is reassese advice, especially for beginners, whose biggest weakness is often that they don’t check what moves are available. The Concept of imbalances Describes the main imbalances.

Book Review: How To Reassess Your Chess –

It’s the type of book you have to go through a few times for everything to really stick, but after you do you’ll have gained an awareness of a lot of things that you hadn’t before. This is a very big advantage, specially in closed positions, where you can play cat and mouse, and “do in 20 what you can do in 2”. Another problem is that it’s very hard to understand what he is saying sometimes.

I can not WAIT to immerse myself in it!! Jeremy Silman will go down in history as one reeassess the greatest chess teachers that ever lived.

I was dissappointed with this one. Once again, I think we get lost in tactics, when the focus of the book is strategy at least in my understanding. Not sure if I’d recommend just the workbook since it will be easier if you read either The Amateur’s Mind or Reasses first, but the workbook is a great idea.

Every chess player serious about improving. Sep 24, By explaining the thought processes that go into a master’s choice of mov How to Reassess Your Rwassess is the popular step-by-step course that will create a marked improvement in anyone’s game.

I don’t what I’d have done without this book. As I try to tell my students “Never use tiebreak positional criteria to make tactical decisions.

How to Reassess Your Chess : Jeremy Silman :

A great book for the ambitious chess players who are looking forward to becoming a chess expert. To quote the end of his review: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Silman recommends HTRYC for those and above, and indeed those in the range can get something out of it, but there is the danger that players in this range will place too high a priority on Jeremy’s strong message reassess put strategical concerns above safety issues.


It is seriously one of the best books out there for – players.

I’d check your local library first, though, because it’s so popular that they’re bound to have a copy of it. The positions are worked out in great detail and with evident thoughtfulness. How to Reassess Your Chess: My high school chess coach recommended I read this book and I was curious what most peoples opinions on it were before I bought it. If you get Reasses Your Chess, which is a good choice although there are other options out theremake sure you get the latest edition since it has some revisions.

To quote the end of his review:. For working purposes, I would define this audience as encompassing players from about to Read about 20 years of TWIC. This is a MUST read for anyone looking to seriously improve their playing.

I am crap at chess. Want to Read saving…. I can’t comment on the latest edition, but it’s probably my favorite chess book.

His idea is focus on improving tactics first and when you stop dropping pieces it’s a good time to start up Silman. As Fischer said, “to gain squares you need to leave squares”. By explaining the thought processes that go into a master’s choice of move, the author presents a system of thought that makes advanced strategies seem clear, logical and at times even obvious.

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