Sixteen-year-old Mary Shelley Black lives up to her striking name—she’s a curious girl fascinated by science, living in , “a year the devil. Read Common Sense Media’s In the Shadow of Blackbirds review, age rating, and First-time author Cat Winters successfully creates a creepy, gruesome. In , “a year the devil designed,” the U.S is engaged in a terrifying new type of warfare abroad while its citizens back home are ravaged by the Spanish flu.

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The one in the story is taking photos and hoping to see your dead loved one in the picture. Personalize Common Sense for your family.

There’s a great story with a page-turning mystery what I said in my synopsis at the beginningthought-provoking moments, vivid and incredible writing that gives life to an atmosphere already gone, fantastic characters and relationships between them, etc – all aspects that make In the Shadow of Blackbirds a full-deserving 5-star read.

Nook, Hardback, iBooks, Kindle. View all 22 comments. The novel is different from others in the YA genre. In the Shadow of Blackbirds is perhaps best described as a historical paranormal mystery novel – there’s lots of different facets to it and they blend together wonderfully.

Cat Winter’s Never ceases to pull me right into the very heart of her stories with their rich historical detail and their feisty heroines who are anything but the norm. It wasn’t spooky and neither was it romantic even though the author tried to make it so. This book also reminded me a lot of The Diviners. Is it any good?


She’s intelligent and humble. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this review. Winters does a phenomenal job of depicting the fear and horror of those trying to go about their every day lives and blackibrds the flu. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Only the most skilled writer can make me feel that way.

Column 4 Our impact report: But those lost in war had a huge impact as well, with many people jumping on the Spiritualism craze, looking for any shred of proof that their lost loved ones still existed somewhere in some possible way.

Mary and her Aunt Eva, in particular, become close companions and though they are both very different women, they come to represent the strength wibters their sex in different ways. I liked it so much that it is currently a contender for the best YA debut of the year award that happens annually in my head. There are other revelations made in the course of the narrative. What do you think happens to people after they die?

For me, the strength of Winters’s skill is shown most evidently in these scenes, both full of real-life horrors while simultaneously displaying an emotion of calm and palpable love.

We live in a world so horrifying, it frightens even the dead. Most of the people were desperate ahadow to believe in them.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds Summary & Study Guide

Jan 20, Heidi rated it it was amazing. I adore her rationality and quick-thinking. The pages drip with the voice of a mind yearning for knowledge in a time where it was deemed improper, folded in the flesh-bare limbs of a war and disease that makes masked victims of every man, woman and child, and aches to be heard in all its mystical ambiguity. The book deals with a lot of tough subjects while delving into the paranormal realm in a way that might even make a non-believer question things.


The atmosphere is even more eerie thanks to the slightly supernatural aspect. When Mary begins to see the spirit of Stephan, her first love, though, she turns her eye to the spiritual – and to the question of why Stephan can’t find peace in the afterlife.

Since her mother died during child birth and her father has been deemed a traitor, Mary is alone in the world but for her aunt and childhood sweetheart, Stephan, who is now fighting in the war.

War is a perfect example of that.

IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS by Cat Winters | Kirkus Reviews

Jul 02, Richard Th rated it liked it. San Diego, CaliforniaUnited States. It was sweet and touching, making it even more insufferable to witness the two in such pain.

This was one of those books that seemed right up my alley, I remember the cover catching my eye immediately and thinking ‘wow, that’s an excellent cover shot’ and also when I got my copy, thinking that the girl reminds me of the lead from DUFF movie.