View José Saramago Research Papers on for free. RESUMEN Este trabajo tiene como objetivo el aprestamiento de recursos metodológicos.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The book portrays a Christ who, subject to human desires, lives with Mary Magdalene and tries to back out of the crucifixion.

Saramago was born in into a family of landless peasants in AzinhagaPortugal, a small village in Ribatejo Provincesome one hundred kilometers northeast of Lisbon.

Saramago was an atheist. Retrieved 28 October Ads help cover our server costs. Retrieved 4 April Saramago’s experimental style often features long sentences, at times more than a page long. They constitute a crossroads with respect to the meaning attributed to these dynamics, the multiple readings that are made of jpse same and the analytical, comprehensive and intellectual challenges that involves the debate about the contemporary Postmodernity? He spent vacations with his grandparents in Azinhaga.

Andrea Canobbiosec. An atheisthe defended love as an instrument to improve the human condition. Portugal declared two days of mourning. Registered in the qualitative and hermeneutical paradigm, this research aims also recover the perspective of social actor through the study of their own narrative productions.


Marcello Foissec. Eliot William Faulkner Bertrand Russell. But the Israelis weren’t bothered about those. Saramago had suffered from pneumonia a year before his death.

Portugal’s conservative government, led by then-prime minister Cavaco Silvadid not allow Saramago’s work to compete for the Aristeion Prize[8] arguing that it offended the Catholic community. Saramago’s novels often deal with fantastic scenarios. His works often refer to his other works. It was written in the s and remained in the archive of a publisher to whom the manuscript had been sent.

Paolo Di Stefanosec. This name uses Portuguese naming customs. Retrieved from ” https: As part of ongoing doctoral research, this paper presents a philosophical vision of Jose Saramago’s contemporary analytical perspective in his work La caverna and Zygmunt Bauman from the works of the period known as “liquid”, with the methodological guidance of Gadamer’s hermeneutics.

José Saramago – Wikipedia

Mario Desiatisec. In a press conference for the filming of Blindness he asked, in reference to the Great Recession”Where was all that money poured on markets? A few months after the family moved to the capital, his cavernx Francisco, older by two years, died. Prize for foreign poetry: This World and the Other.

José Saramago

Antonio Machado Revisited by Saramago. More than two saramaggo copies of Saramago’s books have been sold in Portugal alone and his work has ssaramago translated into 25 languages. In addition, the paper suggests that if the concept of equivalence is to have any relevance in translation theory and practice today, a more encompassing approach needs to be embraced, one which considers a diversity of factors, both internal and external to language.


As a result, Saramago and his wife moved to Lanzarotean island in the Canaries.

Osvaldo Guerrieriter. Skip to main content. Estudos de Literatura Comparada. Still a street-fighting sarqmago. They should just focus on their prayers and leave people in peace. When asked to describe his daily writing routine inSaramago responded, “I write two pages.

Sarsmago announcement came when he was about to fly to Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair, and caught both him and his editor by surprise. Grounding our exploration on the work of Robert T. Saramago married Ilda Reis in Paolo Di Paoloter. The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.