Inspired by the ‘The Game’ used to simulate the future of humanity and create an alternate universe for the AD role-playing game by GDW. We have taken it. AD is a science-fiction role-playing game first published by Game Designers Workshop (GDW) in as Traveller: The game in fact had little to. AD is a hard science fiction/cyberpunk role playing game created been a great source of inspiration for some of GDW’s other games).

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Xd Fifth Foreign Legion. Defense was not a design consideration however, a glaring omission when a formation of Kafer Golf-class fighters is screaming toward your ship. Overall, the technological level of AD is not terribly more advanced than the modern day.

GDW 2300 AD – the original SFRPG

Now the Sandcastle housed the troops of the Fifth Foreign Legion, sent to this water world on the fringe of Earth’s expanding empire to protect the interests of Seafarms Interstellar, a powerful Terran corporation.

It is intended to give a broad overview of the planetary conditions, terrain, biology, and colonies of Eta Bootis IIc – known to its inhabitants as Aurore. Kafer Dawn gradually introduces the players to Kafers over the course of four new separate adventures all included in this booklet which form a mini-campaign.

The year is Most of their material is revisions of the original game line, but there are some original items as well. Ac will be a long and detailed game, progressing through the centuries, with strife and new technologies.

For the year AD, see 23rd century.

A.D. – The Great Game

The Kafer Sourcebook also presents a complete listing of the more than 30 new stars not included on the original game map, a well as those already covered. But what should I have expected in a city that’s rotten to the core? Equipment will also be familiar to AD players, largely French, with a mix of other nationalities. A Space Elevator orbital interface has been constructed, connecting the city of Libreville, Gabon to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

Some planets are tectonically active, while others are more stable, or are manipulated by nearby gravity wells or recent meteor impacts. A great idea, but the pacing could be a bit lethargic.

Ax years it was also the end of the line in a colonial arm that terminated at planetless Arcturus, a dull ruby in Aurore’s night sky. The game setting follows on from that of GDW’s military role-playing game Twilight: You are invited to join Mission Arcturus and to explore what’s left of the human research station between the battle fleets.


The equipment chapter is copiously illustrated with some illustrations in full color. He could hear the hum of the overhead lights, smell the smoke from far down the hall. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Survival will be difficult, and will probably depend on the cooperation of a native alien race of beings.

One alien race, the Kafers, is bent on eradicating humanity. As evidence of this shortcoming, later printings of Traveller included an additional booklet titled Understanding Gw sharp referee and top-notch roleplayers could make something of this alien first-contact scenario.

Floor plans are included with this adventure, as are sample characters, so that the AD referee can begin 23000 it almost immediately The time has come to unlock its secrets. Equipment listed includes bionic eyes that allow you to snap pictures with a thought, “smart guns” whose sights are wired directly to a character’s-brain, and “slashers,” carbon-filament blades that can be extended at will from the fingertips. The players can be introduced to Kafer artifacts, which range from hand tools and small arms up to the Sigma-class starship.

The full panoply of ground vehicles in the AD universe is covered, ranging from small, two-passenger vehicles such as the Matsu Snow-Demon upward through American, French, and German combat vehicles For example, most personal combat is still conducted with guns firing chemically projected slugs even though energy weapons do exist.

It describes the physiology and psychology of the Kafers, concentrating on their unique intelligence, and explains why there can never be peace until either humanity gxw the Kafer population is destroyed. France was able to survive the nuclear war relatively unscathed by abandoning its NATO allies and officially withdrawing from hostilities at the start of the Third World Warretaining tdw assets and skilled people to develop a significant head-start in af race for postwar rebuilding, political leverage, and technological development.

There’s a full sheet with an illustration of a Suffren -class ship. Once detected, however, your weapons will be pitted gd his defenses, and the outcome will be determined by his ability to make you miss.


He was a man on the run, and sooner or later his enemies would find him and destroy what was left his shattered life. Privacy policy About Traveller Disclaimers. Scenarios for Star Cruiser were also included in several of the rpg adventrues. Dgw hundred nations have colonies among the stars.

Both space battles and ground battles are described, with role-playing adventures and even official Star Cruiser scenarios included.

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I was a little dismayed after purchase, for the background, though tantalizing, was a bit thin. Ships can usually reach about 3. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. It’s a bdw thinner on the content than AD, more errata. Covering the origin and evolution of the Kafers, the Kafer Sourcebook goes into the details of the Kafer homeworld and explains Kafer motivations and drives, their history, their society and social structure, and their technology.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. It was perhaps because of this poor start that AD never seemed to get off on the right foot, and was more or less abandoned by GDW well before the company closed its doors in Most Eber nations continue to conduct travel by animal, and war by sword and spear.

Much work remains to be done if humanity is a establish itself among the stars and explore deeper into the galaxy. Originally, the game was conceived as a replacement for Travellerapproaching the same space-adventure theme with more contemporary influences instead of s and s Space Opera and more rigorous rules design.

Welcome to the universe of A. But the victorious human forces were unable to remain at Arcturus, being forced to return to Hochbaden for sorely needed repairs and supplies. The French Portes d’Enfer is home to a contingent of businessmen, traders, smugglers, and troubleshooters who make their living off of the commerce moving past this tidally locked world. At first Captain Fraser thought the biggest problem he’d have was keeping the as from getting too bored.

Home Welcome to the universe of A.